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DJM 900 NXS2 set up clarification

Guy Morris 9:02 PM - 27 November, 2017
Have been upgrading recently to a cdj2000nxs2 and a djm900 nxs2 set up. I operated Serato DJ in HID mode via a Rane SL4 s/c with the 2000/850 combination previously so have waited patiently for the HID compatibility to arrive for the nxs2 cdj players ( 2017) that explained I'm trying to understand the connectivity between the mixer and cdj players in HID using either of the A /B USB ports on the mixer. I had assumed it was going to be plug and play if you have the latest version Serato dj software after installing the mixer driver but I'm now seeing video tutorials about having to have a club kit to enable the djm900nxs2 mixer to work via the usb on the is that the case or do I need to purchase the club kit just to run in HID mode without the SL 4 box? With the high cost of the mixer that seems a bit odd.......
Cdj players and Serato have all been updated to latest published release as of Nov 2017
Mixer version to be checked but was purchased 6 months ago so needs version update probably but suspect that does not solve my question!
Frankly chasing around after all this information just to get something working is a real pain maybe the Serato guys can make it perfectly clear what is needed please.
raedonquan 2:28 AM - 28 November, 2017
Serato dj support was added later.... yes you need to buy the club kit no what around it....whell you can but serato dj and not the dvs expansion if you dont plan on using turntables..

it if prefered when you connect the djm900n2 to the usb it is connected by itself to a usb port on your computer..... you connect the usb's from the cdj's to a hub and then to your computer if you only have 2 usb ports on your computer....

fire sdj up make sure its atleast 1.9.9 click the my serato tab...login ... click the activations tab to see if sdj is activated....

you should see harware found djm900 it may ask you to install driver.. install...

after the install the program should open the 2 decks...

if your cdj's are connected press link ... the screen should say connected.. rotate the browser knob for deck 1 for the left deck....

on second cdj do the same but connect to deck 2...

bing bang you are in hid mode
Guy Morris 10:13 AM - 28 November, 2017
Great thanks for the prompt reply confirming that I will need the club kit add on to use HID with the DJM900NSX2 (not using turntables only CDJs controlling laptop files in HID) It does all work with the SL4 and now I know that club kit is required for direct usb link out of the mixer that really helps solve a few questions!

Bing Bang !
Guy Morris 10:12 PM - 28 November, 2017
Ok an update and an issue. If I plug up mac/SL4 cdj2000 in HID it all works fine with latest SDJ version installed BUT if I swap out to the new Cdj2000nxs2 units (v 1.81) they do not want to connect in HID mode it just says CDJ Midi but if you press the link and encoder nothing seems to set up (obvious with 2000 units ) although I did manage to somehow get one deck responding and playing so the nxs2 must be seeing Serato but could not get both to set up then lost the connection. (Cables all good) Totally baffled by all this really how hard should it be ...only thought was do I also need to update the SL4 driver? Glad I checked trying both units wired up because that’s when I realised only one deck will respond .
Any one else had set up issues like this?
Am I being dumb and missing something ?
As I said swap to the cdj 2000 unit and it all works as expected ..