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Compiling Serato Midi Files

audiomontana 6:36 PM - 9 November, 2017
Hello -- TWIMC

Im using Serato DJ with Various controllers.

Currently with a couple dicers, akaii amx, and Denon HC1000

I have renamed the natively supported devices in my osx midi control soft.

Im having trouble with serato occasionally corrupting my unsaved midi file and probably the saved one. It takes a while to redo with several controllers. So I would like to build smaller mappings for certain controllers and then be able to compile them. Ive searched around and am not finding info on compiling the file.

Does anyone have direction for instructions on this?

thanks for any help
audiomontana 3:14 PM - 10 November, 2017
Is this place totally dead?
DJ Irv 2:25 AM - 11 November, 2017
Why don't you start a git repo for this?
audiomontana 3:42 PM - 12 November, 2017
Why don't you start a git repo for this?

get response? is that a link? network?
DJ Irv 4:54 PM - 12 November, 2017
When you used the word 'compiling' I thought you were a tech head. Git or rather github lets you make public repositories where you can upload code. In this case MIDI. It might be useful for you to make a repo with your mapping others can download, modify, add to.