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TTM57 Mk 2 - headphone delay fixed, map cue 5-8 and SDJ video?

sinetwo 9:58 PM - 6 November, 2017
Hi all,

I'm considering buying a TTM57 MK2 used (will get a 72 or similar in the future). I've got a few questions, which I've tried googling but has unfortunately not led me to any firm answers.

1. Has the notorious headphone delay issue been fixed? Is there a fix for it? Have they identified why this is happening to some, but not most? (perhaps it's users unable to notice they actually have the issue as well?)

2. Can you map cue buttons 5-8? I often want 8 cue points to do a 'live' remix using all 8 pads. Is there a way to effectively to select deck 1 and have all 8 cue buttons be linked to deck 1, and similarly for deck 2? I.e. default is 4 cue points for deck 1 and 2, optional mode A is 8 cue points for deck 1, optional mode B is 8 cue points for deck 2. I would hope to do this via custom midi presets/mapping?

3. Are all the faders midi compatible, aka. can I use all 3 faders for SDJ video?

Many thanks,