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DDJ SZ2 vs CDJ2000

DJGAVT 9:11 PM - 6 November, 2017
Hi All

Currently I am using 2 CDJ2000's (Not Nexus) with a DJM900NXS. But I only ever use Serato DJ. I am thinking of changing to a DDJ SZ2 as it seems pretty pointless having the CDJs when I just use SDJ.

Anyone give me a good reason I shouldn't/should?

There is just something about the CDJ's that makes me not want to change lol.
DJ Marv the Maverick 9:47 PM - 6 November, 2017
I used to have a pair of CDJ 900 that i only ever used with Serato.

I held on to it for a bit thinking well the USB will be back up in case Serato crashed mid set, a year later i never had to resort to using the USB slot.

The DDJ SX launched a while after i got the CDJs.

I sold the CDJs as they were not getting used again.

Funny enough, i've gone full circle somewhat, just made a luxury purchase of the new Denon Decks SC5000. I won't be gigging out with them though....just home use.

Are you planning on selling the CDJs to fund the SZ2 purchase?