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Serato DVS - 1 side works perfectly, the other sounds slow and distorted

dga1978 8:58 AM - 5 November, 2017
As above - I have DVS set up with my Serato software.
Side 1 is perfect - sounds fine, controls the software perfectly without any issue at all.
Side 2 is messed up - the track start fine for about 2-3 seconds but then suddenly slows down, becomes a little distorted and the software looks like the 'tracker' of there the 'needle' is jumps and doesn't seem to track properly.
I have run through the calibrate video etc and still the same issue. I swapped over the control vinyl but it's still side 2 that doesn't seem to want to work.

Any ideas?
The Return of Dj Sparky 9:48 AM - 5 November, 2017
what does the scope look like on that deck when the problems start
DJ Tecniq 12:54 AM - 6 November, 2017
Sounds like your RCA's are shot on your turntable. What hardware are you using?
DJ Tecniq 12:57 AM - 6 November, 2017
Swap the the turntables RCA's if it happens on the other channel as well than it's likely the turntables rca connections. They need to be changed every few years. Try wiggling the Phono cables if you get clear audio or better signal there's your answer👍🏼