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I Have Club Vision Now What?

Radha The Boardroom Girl 2:51 AM - 5 November, 2017
I hope this is the right thread to ask for advice on a subject like this. It sure has been a while since I have posted on here. So here it is in full:

It's called Boardroom Life. It's not a business or money maker scenario at the moment, but rather a vision for high schools and colleges that revolves around the lounge/entertaining scene with EDM and also high culture and art. It would involve student ran clubs organized by me. I have been organizing and working on this for about 12-14 years now since the idea was first conceived in my middle school years, and it sounds like a very good thing that is beneficial to today's post modern world in hopes of making it better. There are many elements to this besides Djing and chilling out. It has evolved a long way. This started before I began DJing by the way. The only trade off is I am only a hobby DJ. I am 27 years old and still have never had a job and didn't finish college myself. I really need a day job of some sort to get some finances going. It sure wouldn't hurt. I have a great vision yet feel like a deadbeat loser who will get nowhere anytime soon. Besides DJing I also have been doing interior design as a hobby for four years now and the things I design have to do with this vision. Any advice? Here is the vision for it for anyone interested in knowing. There's quite a few elements to it. Like I said, I have it planned and organized, but I am lost as to where to go or begin in taking it forward:

The Boardrooms: What is this you may ask? It's the distinction between modernism and tradition. It's the difference between cheap materialism and actual skill and craftsmanship. It's the difference between just sitting and watching a performance and actually living it in an immersive environment. It's the difference between sterile and beautiful. It's the difference between the unappealing and that which transcendentally touches the highest level of the human consciousness. It's the difference between being filled and having a provoking experience. It's the difference between the fake and the true. It's the difference between the politically correct social justice agenda and the real truth that should be the heart of all higher education and pursuit of knowledge. It's the difference between the profane anything goes culture and the elevation of formalism. It's the difference between profane pop culture and the elegance of high culture. It's the difference between minimalism and actual talent. It's the difference postmodernism and Noble values. It stands for all of these elements and no less. Well, what exactly is a boardroom you may ask? Well I am not referring to those corporate meeting rooms in all big offices if you should know. It actually refers to a classroom turned formal entertaining space and it's not just any of them. They have to have a specific profile to even qualify. Remember when I said it's the difference between modernism and noble tradition, sterile and beautiful? These spaces have to be built by people with actual skill and cannot be put together with cheap prefab mass produced metal elements. Most all of these rooms have ornament in some way whether it be gilding or custom woodwork. Actually, all of them are wood clad rooms. You won't any cheap metal elements in them. The goal is to provide a natural, inviting, beautiful, intimate, and sensual environment that fosters creativity, formalism, noble values, a love for beauty, a love for truth, and a respect of one's own true identity. Poltical, social, and psychological identity constructs are NOT real and are not promoted by Nobilism in any way. The Boardroom environment is thus a literal symbol of Nobilism. But why is it a reimagined classroom environment? I saw something beautiful in it. It started with that silver spoon love affair with my alma mater, well with the set apart buildings on the campus, and then it evolved into this vision that it is today. It wasn't easy and I had many weird experiences before this was later realized. I'm talking psychedelic visionary experiences in the building where it was founded and much meditation on the elements that I saw to come to the realization that I had to re examine the origins of everything to find out what was important. Anyone familiar with numbers and sacred geometry will understand where I am coming from. I'm not superstitious at all by the way. I completely reject it to stand on logic, reason, and truth, one of the core principles of Nobilism. But nature and experience have ways of communicating with you just like dreams show you the deepest regions of your subconscious mind that are pretty much unaccessible any other way. I went from wanting to have a dance company and be a performer to being an architect and interior designer for the very places that I love. This was born out of it all. Most importantly, it was born out of ego abasement. And I hope that part of me doesn't come back up again. It can and thus, I still have much to work on. It's a never ending journey of mastery and in a world where modernism and ugliness run amuck, it can be very challenging to accomplish. That said, the boardroom environment is the heart of this Nobilist vision without which it cannot exist. It was built around it with hopes of reviving a lost gem for the twenty first century and giving it the respect and elevation that it needs in order to be a beneficial and transformative element for today's youth and community. Beauty is being stripped away for the sake of progress today and it really is beginning to show how much that we value the deepest aspect of human life.

Nobilism: This is the core philosophy and set of principles and values that Boardroom Life stands upon. For more information on this, I advise you to visit the Nobilist Society website as it elaborates on what the philosophy is all about. It's main values embody the:

Protection of one's traditions and national identity
Traditional gender roles
Respect of the earth
Rejecting superstition and standing on logic
Rejecting the multicultural agenda
Government only by those who are qualified to lead
Protection of beauty and history
Protection of Western values
Pursuit of true art and high culture
Pursuit of Formalism
Rejection of modern art and architecture
Love of beauty and the fact that the human soul requires it to live each day in the modern world
Rejection of social justice and politically correct agendas
Rejection of the LGBTQI agenda
Pursuit of Truth, wisdom, and knowledge
Rejection of Materialism and Avarice

Formalism: Boardrooms are NOT casual environments and demand the utmost level of etiquette, formal dress, mannerisms, presentation, and character. They are palaces on the smaller scale. No street wear please. So business attire is required for the club at least. For women, blazers or cocktail dresses of modest length are allowed. If you already own formal evening wear, do wear it if you can. And remember that the club is not a place for showing off, but of reverence. Also in the realm of formalism, proper etiquette for everything is addressed from table settings, to drinking tea. The Boardroom is a white table cloth environment for the most part, the highest possible form of a supper club. Think of it like a banquet with the Queen. You want to be the best you can be.

High Culture: Boardroom Life completely rejects the degenerate aspects of pop culture and it's detrimental affects on the human psyche. Most TV programming, media, movies, and music is complete trash. Music has become background noise rather than something that we value and use as a cultural and consciousness expanding experience that it once was. Does lounge music have a purpose here? Why, yes it does. Some music is not that bad actually, but most of the stuff on the radio is garbage. The melodies aren't even planned out like a real musician would do. Improvisation is one hundred percent fine, but there needs to be a form of mindfulness behind it that most pop anything is lacking. The boardroom environment definitely has a place for DJs, but the music needs to be sophisticated and tasteful, not the crap from MTV which sounds a lot like "Empty Me" Am I against listening to the radio? No because we all do it including myself, but I am for mindful choices and not the endless repetitive garbage that keeps being pumped out day by day. High culture deals with the ability to analyze an artistic experience and pay attention to the values and things that it has to offer and teach. There is no place for simple amusement in it. There are exhibition acts, but not amusement. The term amusement means "mindless" Do you really just want to view or listen to something mindlessly? Of what value does it have rather that escapism. I know in this ugly and degenerate modern world it seems like escaping it is the only option that we seek for true satisfaction. This is more reason why beauty is needed. It gives us a reason to continue living. Real art touches the soul and puts us in touch with the harsh reality that we live in. But beauty is just as important. Modern art is complete trash. Art needs a form of order, beauty, value, and purpose. Some squiggly lines or a sculpture of a box just don't cut it. Minimalism is a disgrace to real talent from what I can see. The human soul needs beauty and not pointless junk. The goal of twenty first century high culture is to enrich the soul and reject trash. It is true that some aspects of pop culture can be seen and interpreted through the lens of high culture and philosophical understanding, but most people will call you crazy or insane for even looking at something that way. But the deep things matter the most. Start looking beneath and you will see things that you just can't unsee. Some will be good and some will hurt your entire belief system and cause you to re evaluate and think about things that you have held onto for so long. High culture is not for the light of mind people. Boardroom Life is not for the pop culture scene. It is not a fad or counter culture, yet it does at the same time stand in direct contrast to postmodernism and PC belief systems. The boardroom is a place for soul enrichment and pursuit of something noble. Parties definitely have their place in it, but rowdy and obscene behavior is not allowed.

Hospitality: Boardroom Life is centered around formal entertaining and hospitality. It is meant to reflect the highest form of palatial hospitality in a small and intimate setting. A host club is in fact a supper club in the western sense compared to the more fetish centered Japanese sense of things. It's like a butler cafe, but all the way up to the tens if you will. You have table side entertainment, live performers, royal service, playfulness, and the highest form of formal etiquette. The boardroom is a place to be treated like royalty without the materialistic greed centered element that is associated with royalty. The host clubs do not emulate governments or any of their wicked deeds as that is prohibited. We have enough of that going on in the world today. However, the club is meant to have a form of leadership to ensure that everything runs smoothly and properly. Hospitality is service to others and the nature of the boardroom should reflect that. While a host club is aristocratic and status based in the order of high culture and being educated enough to appreciate and understand it, it does not give anyone the excuse to treat others like doormats. That's not allowed. Do not emulate the world and its evil ways. Build a better future. It is an honor to be a servant because it is done out of choice. It is a humiliation to be a slave become it is done out of force. Be a compassionate light to the world. At the same time, don't be so heart centered that you cannot follow logic and exercise proper judgement where it is needed. They both must balance each other in order for there to be true righteousness. Hosts are not permitted to engage in anything provocative or unclean as it would ruin the elevated state of what the boardroom and the vision stands for. This is meant to be a benefit to the community and not something that's just another brick in the wall. It is used to build others up. Boardroom life is about edifying others and helping them aspire to greatness. It's not a getaway for the super rich to waste money. I'm not against rich people coming to it though. They just can't be jerks flashing their money around. That's not what this is about. Just because of the rather expensive set apart ideal dress code and formal presentation, does not mean that it's only for those with lots of money. Quite the contrary because money is not the motivator behind it. Yet beauty has an expense that cannot be overlooked. I know that there is a way to make it work for the less fortunate as well. I know that it can give them something to work towards and aspire to. It's meant to do great things and not hinder, but it also must be set apart from all that is degenerate. That in and of itself is quite the challenge when we are forced to live in a modern and degenerate world disconnected from just about everything. Hospitality provides a form of community interaction and edification to help reconnect us as human beings in need of a tribal based living environment.

Fostering Creativity & Experimental Learning: The boardroom is an engaging area to explore creativity and great ideas, to lift each other up, and spire to greatness. It provides a way to nurture creativity from a noble and beautiful perspective to bring forth innovation that holds fast to traditionalism rather than destroy it for the sake of progress and so called short live futuristic ideals that get us nowhere soon. The boardroom is a place to play and experiment with things that are outside of the box. Even if there is no host club in the boardroom, it is still a very valuable place to learn and explore. This is where architecture comes into place and beauty and space design matter for the sake of nurturing risk taking based learning and intellectual and artistic growth. When this vision was first developing in my own alma mater, the boards played an integral role in it because they were part of what formed the intimate relationship with the overall space and environment as a way to interact with the architecture and foster new creative ideas and explorations. Yes it was outside of the box thinking on an extreme level, but it came to be one of the most important aspects of defining boardroom culture and what makes a boardroom what it truly is. This goes to prove why wood will always beat metal prefab in designing these kind of spaces and why it should always be done that way. They're called racks for a reason and that is to differentiate them from the metal whiteboards used in classroom design today. Racks are not whiteboards but rather an architectural element of the room itself that allows for play and interaction with the space. In the boardroom environment, it's meant to be a screen for visual effect and presentations as well as an interactive medium for dance, tricking, acrobatics, flow arts, and site specific based explorative art. It's not really a boardroom without the racks. At the sme time, the architectural elements must be present in order to compliment and complete the space, making it the beautiful and interactive environment that it is ultimately meant to be.

Elevated Nature: What is it about something the is beautiful and ornate that touches the deepest aspect of the human consciousness? It's like when you come in contact with it that you are brought to state of reverence, elevation, awe, and inspiration that can bring you to your knees. It has the power to abase the ego and animalistic side of man that causes all sorts of destruction and evil agendas to manifest into our world. Proper beautiful spaces and that which integrates a high nature of natural element into them has the power to judge the human mind and being and force one to re examine themselves in light of what is truly right. It is actually the exact opposite of distraction. Modernism and it's minimalistic architecture, interior design, art motif, and stripping away of all that is uplifting and transcendental can have no such purpose. Beautiful spaces as well as formal presentation actually inspire proper values, etiquette, and professionalism. Of course mainstream media has to be out of the picture because it has the potential to poison the well with the slightest little bit of introduction which could force the beauty and Nobilistic aspects that make up the vision of what a boardroom is to be out the window. The elevated nature is meant to be a detox of the human mind and body of all that is degenerate and trashy for the sake of beauty, reverence, and idealism. You cannot achieve that which the cheapness of the functionality movement that disregards the aesthetic value of things. Minimalism is not an aesthetic no matter how much people try to make it into one. Aesthetics deals with beauty, splendour, and appearance of greatness. There is nothing great about dull and drab boxes that inhabit modernist architecture and art. When you walk into the boardroom environment, you should be able to feel a sense of reverence, elevation, and inspiration that leads to a appreciation of human existence and a desire to be more than average in a sense of cultivating that which can edify and lift others up rather that let them fall into the cesspool that has become that of the modern anything goes culture and social justice political correctness culture that has overtaken us today. May the real truth return soon.

Immersive Arts Based Experience: Why just watch a performance when you can live in the midst of it? When the whole environment becomes immersed in the experience by the performers and the music and the lighting, then it is a different kind of experience all together, one of actually being in the ideology and seeing it from more than one perspective. Couple that with a bit of fine food and wine in an interactive experience where you are catered to during the experience and the hosts actually become part of the presentation, then you have an opera house type of experience that cannot be found in the standard auditorium format of performing arts. Integrate immersive technology within the traditional environment and a whole other level of explorative opportunity is opened up where you can now fully see and visualize the story and environment of said artistic and exhibitional endeavor. The boardroom is meant to be a sort of living art experience and inspirational ground for elevated intellectual achievement and growth.

Technological Integration With Architecture & Preservation of Beauty: Let's face it, without exposure to the Waldorf/Steiner model of education and growing up which completely restricts the use of technology to children in both school and home, we will be exposed to technology in one form or another. There's no denying that. I sort of feel that this modernization of everything is actually destroying us and the earth, not truly uniting us a people in the proper way. Just look at what people are drawn to today. They would much rather be distracted by the latest pop culture fad than to be educated and enlightened with something that actually matters. Technology is good if it's not overused and is used primary as a form of acquiring knowledge rather than mindless escapism. Social media obviously has a place for sharing things that are otherwise not possibly, but it shouldn't rule people's lives and cause them to be fake about themselves rather than true. Also, all this high tech stuff should not be introduced to children at such an early age because it has the same effects as cocaine on the developing child's brain. Instead, creativity and hands on experiences should be given to them to foster their growth and development in a positive way. Children should not try to fake themselves either and present themselves in a highly unrealistic way. Boardroom Life shuns fakery. The values must be real. The architecture must be real. The experience must be real. This is not about catering to a form a fantasy or false reality but is about enriching one's life for the better. Don't we have enough distractions already? It's time that we had something that catered to our needs and built us up for a better future at the same time. Technology should be integrated with architecture and the environment should be kept beautiful and inspiring rather than gutted and ripped apart for the sake of technological futurism that is dull, industrial, robotic, and sterile in nature. People don't need an environment like that. They need something that they can form a true relationship with. All the sci-fi movies show our future as a dull drab world full of technology and devoid of nature and beauty. We do not need a world like that. Yet if we continue down the road of consumerism and material and following the next greatest thing rather than hold fast to timeless truths and beauty, values, and principles, we will end up in such dystopia. It seems like we are already there and just patiently watching as what we once held sacred slowly dies. If we come to realize the great mistake of over industrialization, then maybe we can start to make a change for the better. It has to happen like that though. It's not something that one person can do, however this vision provides a way in which we can start to reshape our future towards a more truly classical and sustainable way. Modernism is not true sustainability because it is destined to wear out due to the corporate ideology of planned obsolescence, a rather materialistic way of thinking. The classical way is the most sustainable because it is something that people cherish. Why can't our technological world and the classical world of beauty coexist? Why can't technology be integrated with beauty instead of their being modern minimalist drab boxes everywhere. We do not need to be reminded of what a dull drab place we live in on a daily basis. We need something to inspire us to move past that mindset so that we can get out of the dull and drab and return to something worth living for. Technology and architecture are compatible. Technology and beauty are compatible. It is possible for ornament and woodworking to be part of modern design. Don't fall for all the modernist arguments that say we need to strip away everything for progress to happen. Build a better future.

Aesthetic Engagement: I can't stress enough how aesthetics and beauty greatly impact the human psyche and overall development and intellectual growth in our modern world that we live in. Modernism seems to completely ignore the fact that the human soul needs a beautiful environment in order to even think about being content in the place that we are forced to live in daily. True aesthetics take the natural world into account and will balance it with the built environment. True aesthetics takes the need for human sensory experience into account. Boardroom Life is like a luxury experience but with cognitive, intellectual, artistic, and psychological growth in mind. Experiences are nothing but escapism if they are done in a hedonistic and self serving way. They need to have a deep transcendental influence in order to have any real value. In the world that we live in today, we really do not have time for mindless escapism. We need to be building a world to last for generations that is most valuable to all who come after us instead of decreasing the lifespan and attractiveness of our environment. How do aesthetics play out in the boardroom environment? Aesthetics form every part of it from the table settings, to the dress code, to the presentation of everything, to the service experience, to the values it stands for, to the room design itself. It's meant to be something with power behind it and it's not meant to be taken lightly. Beauty has power, the power to inspire, engage, and uplift people. That is the mission of Boardroom Life, to be an inspirational change for the future not built on chasing profits or gaining popularity.

Safe Environment From Harmful Substances: The boardroom provides a place to nurture creativity, innovation, and artistic growth and professionalism, geared towards a hospitality mindset. Life skills and character education can be gained the the hospitality environment of the boardroom.:001_unsure: It also provides a place for people to have fun and unwind without harmful substances and behaviors. It's like an anti-drug environment if you will. You know that phrase "What's your anti-drug?" The goal is to encourage a bright future for all who come through the doors and to let those know that there is definitely more to life than drug and alcohol abuse and bullying.