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Sound quality of YouTube/SoundCloud rips and DJ pool recommendations

DJLatina 8:36 PM - 3 November, 2017
I'm looking for a DJ pool that has a wide selection of remixes, mashups, clean versions, instrumentals, acapellas, and effects.

My main genres of interest are Latin music (cumbia, salsa, reggaeton, banda), hip-hop, oldies, Baltimore club music, and Jersey club music.

In the past, I've mostly used YouTube and Soundcloud rips to get music because there's such an amazing variety of unique sounds on there that otherwise wouldn't be available to me.
But I've found that the sound quality of YouTube/Soundcloud rips is varied. I've tried editing them on a DAW and adjusting the volume, but on a big speaker system, it often sounds bad or uneven. In my experience, seasoned club DJs and sound techs can tell the difference in sound quality from YouTube/Soundcloud rips and I don't want to get in trouble at gigs. Is there a way to edit these rips to improve the sound quality?

Also, does anyone have any DJ pool recommendations? I've looked into several and am often disappointed by their limited variety/selection.
dj_soo 9:02 PM - 3 November, 2017
don't rip. It sounds like shit (192 at best for youtube, 128 for soundcloud) and you're just ripping off the artists. Especially for youtube, you have no idea what the quality was when uploaded.
Taipanic 9:37 PM - 7 November, 2017
I have reached out to several artists whose tracks or remixes I really liked that I saw on YouTube or SoundCloud and was able to have them send my their good quality tracks and remixes for a reasonable sum. You get good, unique stuff and they get paid, win/win.
dj_soo 11:05 PM - 7 November, 2017
Not only that, they get paid the full amount and not pennies on the dollar that they'd get from itunes/beatport