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how to mix songs within few click

lizamarry 8:36 AM - 26 October, 2017
Mixing can be done for a number of reasons, for example mixing speech with background music to make a podcast, or adding different instruments into the same song. Concatenating songs (for example, playing three songs one after the other) does not necessarily involve mixing, but if you wanted the songs to fade into each other it would involve mixing.
Within an Audacity project, you can physically mix selected multiple selected tracks into a single mono or stereo track using either of two explicit mix commands:
Tracks > Mix and Render (which replaces the original track(s) with the mixed track) or
Tracks > Mix and Render to New Track (which adds the mixed track to the project, preserving the original tracks).
However in Audacity, mixing is automatic. You could just put audio into two different tracks, play to listen to the result then export it as an audio file like MP3 or WAV or burn the WAV to Audio CD.
However once audio has been finally mixed (as in an audio file you might import into Audacity) it is essentially impossible to separate out all the original parts again; it's like trying to take the banana out of a banana milkshake after you've already put it through the blender. There are a few occasions when it actually is possible to separate sounds a bit - you can sometimes isolate the bass, or remove the lead vocals. But these processes do not always work well and usually cause some quality loss. So remember, as long as the multiple tracks are inside an Audacity project, you can manipulate them independently, but once you export as a mixed down file you cannot expect to separate the different parts again. So keep your Audacity project around if you plan to continue editing!
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DJ Matty Stiles 11:13 AM - 26 October, 2017
AKIEM 4:24 AM - 2 November, 2017
When working with multiple tracks, it's often important to be able to hear just one at a time. Each track has a Mute and a Solo button, allowing you to temporarily hear just some of your tracks.

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