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Mobile Control

DESMO 2:38 PM - 21 October, 2017
As a mobile event DJ ( Weddings, birthdays, grand openings, office parties, etc) there are many times where it would be great if I could be away from my rig and still be able to maintain at least basic control. Would it be possible to consider/make a mobile app that could remotely control such features as play/pause, track load, basic lvl and crossfader? This isn't an issue for the open dance part of the night but would be really helpful during the grand entrances, and other more structured parts of the event in which the booth doesn't always have the greatest view and timing means alot. Thank you.
deejdave 1:15 PM - 24 October, 2017
Serato remote and or remote mini for iOS controls many features remotely and can be connected wirelessly.
DESMO 9:32 PM - 24 October, 2017
Thanks for bringing that to my attention. However after reading the reviews for it, is close but no prize winner. especially for $20
While it does appear to meet most of my basic needs, it doesn't say anything about being able to search your library or load a track. Have you looked at what Traktors mobile app can do? and it's FREE to boot. If Serato's offering could get some update love, I would happily pay the $20.
deejdave 12:53 AM - 25 October, 2017
Well in all fairness it does provide everything you asked for (except crossfader) as you asked for loading tracks not browsing. Furthermore the only official app for Traktor is an actual iOS DJ app and it is not free. There are a few unofficial "remote" apps that do offer a bunch of features but if I am being fair again none are as "tight" as Serato remote in terms of latency etc. and even these are note entirely free as you have to pay to completely unlock them unless you know of another in which case I am always down to try something new. Some of the better control apps are actually general midi and/or specialized apps for FX or remix decks etc.

If you have an iPhone perhaps the Remote Mini would suffice for $5.
DESMO 3:56 AM - 25 October, 2017
Dave I stand corrected yet again. You are correct the "Serato Remote" app for iPad DOES in fact allow me to navigate and load tracks form my library. It does also appear to offer basic play/pause capability. That gets my 98% of the way home. All that is left is to figure out if there is a way to at least control the volume of whatever is being played remotely as well. I figure out how to do that and we have a winner. In some of the larger venue's I have been in the DJ booth doesn't always have the best view of the starting point for the grand entrances or cake cutting, gift line etc. If I can get free from the booth and do the basics (start, stop, and overall volume) from an iPad. That would be awesome. I tried to read as much as I could about the "Serato Remote Mini" for iPhone, it seems 50/50 on what it can and can't do. Some people are saying it doesn't have a play button. I find it hard to believe it would not have one of those, but some say it does and others say it doesn't. I'm going to email Serato and ask them about the apps. When I look at the version history for "remote" the last feature update was 2 yr ago, the next update was only a compatibility update. The "mini remote" app shows now feature improvements in the last 3 yr. I'll do some more research and let you know what I find out. Also I looked again at the Traktor app I was referring to, its not made by same company (its made by Imaginando Lda) but it claims to be a "full-fledged Traktor controller of iOS devices" and it is free. also says "in app purchases" so who knows. Once again Thank yo for responding to my posts and educating me on some solid options. I do appreciate it.
Laz219 11:00 AM - 25 October, 2017
Serato doesn't really have an internal mixer, so you don't really have volume control.
However between autogain and correctly mastered tracks- I'd expect you'd be walking back to the booth quite rarely to adjust anything.

Plus, $20 for an app that can also be very useful in many other ways (FX access, loops, cues, slicer etc)...not really a big outlay to try out if you're making money from your gigs anyway.
I purchased remote as an alternative to a $400 (aud) Pioneer SP1. Value vs features doesn't even compare.
DESMO 3:16 PM - 25 October, 2017
I don't need the volume control to necessarily correct differences between tracks ( although that can for sure be an issue), i need it more to fade the song in ( wedding party starts down the isle) then fade it out when they get to the alter and/or in position. It just more polished if you can fade songs in and out during the ceremony vs. a cold start and stop.

$20 isn't bad for sure, but if it doesn't do what you need then in doesn't do what you need.
Laz219 3:23 PM - 25 October, 2017
That's true,
At the same time though...for walking down to aisle music- is it really a huge burden to be standing behind your equipment and physically moving a fader?

You mentioned in your initial post about 'not having the greatest view' but unless your setup is hidden around a corner for some reason- how much of an issue is this really?
deejdave 8:21 PM - 25 October, 2017
Also I looked again at the Traktor app I was referring to, its not made by same company (its made by Imaginando Lda) but it claims to be a "full-fledged Traktor controller of iOS devices

It is a great app and they make some other great products. The in app purchases actually bring it to around the same price as Remote but it is quite extensive if I am being honest.