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Importing a new feature for the waves in Serato DJ

Dj Altin 3:30 PM - 17 October, 2017
Hi Serato

Is in the Serato plans to import a new feature for the waves in Serato DJ for showing with numbers the difference between a high and a low frequency as for now Serato DJ can do this only with changing the color. I mean the same thing as the chance of color when e.g. the bass of a song is increased or is decreased when the bass is increased can Serato DJ shows the number of increased bass of a song as a new feature?

I am a programmer and I believe that can be done easily and will be very helpful and useful for mixing songs with low bass or very high frequency.

I hope that this new feature which I explain can be included in the new release of Serato DJ 2.0.

Thank you.
MutterOberin 9:54 PM - 19 October, 2017
DJ Altin,

I would say there are many aspects which are really small tasks from a programmer perspective but ignored by Serato. making hardware remapable, marking different track parts, and so on ....