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Need help with an early 90’s rap song

Jwsav 1:48 AM - 6 October, 2017
Was wondering if any of you guys ever heard an awesome rap song probably early 90’s that sampled free’s allright now. It actually had the all right now from free vocal and all in the mix. It had a part that was something like “if your good to go then let me know. This floor could sure use a freak show” it used the guitar sample from free and just the vocal part all right now for the chorus I guess. If someone has any clue please help! It used the whoa, whoa and all right now part of the song by free with the guitar part (right before they say all right now) used all through the song the don
I guess it could have been late 80’s but it was played a lot at clubs in Atlanta Ga would have been 89-92 most likely 90-92.
Thanks, J.
Jwsav 1:51 AM - 6 October, 2017
Also, it was a guy rapping. Upbeat. Could have been white label because I cannot find any mention of free’s All right now being used for this song.

It’s been driving me crazy well, about 20-25 years now.
PLEASE HELP BEFORE I GO INSANE. anyone looking for info on songs in this era hit me up. I may be able to help.
MC Roninie 2:06 PM - 9 October, 2017
I m not sure but you can go through it -
DJ Boom Bap 5:22 PM - 28 October, 2017