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Saved flip on Djm S9

mydjpartyy 4:34 PM - 18 September, 2017
Could any body tell how to delete saved flip on pioneer djm S9, please. What happened was, I pressed the hot cuI e botton twice to turn on the second layer so that I can midi map the first two pads on my left channel to the flip on and flip loop button in serato dj. It worked fine after I'd mapped it but what then happened was every track I load left channel my second cue point is inactive , load the same track on the right channel all point lights up. I rang pioneer they suggested I update my firmware to version 1.08 which I did but nothing happened. The situation stayed the same. I then have this information on the display betweem left and right pads which reads ''P1: FLIP RECIPLAY''. I've only had this mixer for 3 days so am still new to it. Could anyone help out, please?
Kevin shiver KJ 8:16 PM - 11 October, 2018
Yes I'm wondering the same thing ? How do you delete a saved flip on the Pioneer S9 ? TY. KJ
Kevin shiver KJ 9:32 PM - 11 October, 2018
Ok I fig it out. there is no delete function on the S9. you can delete saved flip files from the flip section panel in Serato. You can re name them as well. the flips are saved in the same folder as the original song file is located. hope this helps.
TurtleFaceBrownNoser 11:31 PM - 12 October, 2018
Ya with the S9 there is a lot of things you cant do like you can do on the Rane 72.