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Serato Sample - Use of more than one sample

Dave The One 9:02 PM - 3 September, 2017
Sometimes theres only 3 to for parts of a track that I use to make my sample.

It would be great to lock those in using favorites and then import a different track, lock two or 3 more parts of that track as favorites, until I fill up the 16 slots with samples from the different tracks.

Serato DJ's sampler already does this (allows you to match each individual tracks pitch with timestretch etc... It would be a dope feature for serato sample as well.

So to further expand this feature, each track where you have marked 2 or 3 or more slots to sample would be the same color. This way you would know slots 1-3 are from 1st track etc..
Dave The One 11:08 PM - 3 September, 2017
Forgot to include that the whole purpose for this feature would be to allow you to seamlessly trigger saved samples/favorites from each track seamlessly as if it were one.
DJ Frank Stallone 1:44 PM - 4 September, 2017
I was thinking of this same idea! I love it. A sample bank that is linked to a specific track and changes accordingly.

M.adaM 10:01 PM - 5 September, 2017
Sneg 10:35 PM - 18 May, 2019