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Zxa5 vs new QSC k.2

DjCity 4:24 AM - 23 August, 2017
I have been the proud owner of zxa5's. They are amazing speakers.
One of them crapped out on me this past weekend. I set up, ran a signal and got..... nothing. No sound. Speaker is not blown. I think the amp module is done. I have no light on the full range / high pass.

Speaker is still under warranty so its at the shop getting repaired.

While my speaker is down, I went to guitar center and heard the new k12.2. I was impressed!
I had them demo it against the zxa5 and it sounded better and brighter.

Now I k know this is at guitar center in their small room with relatively low(ish) volume but damn if it did not sound better.

I'm asking you peeps that know....
Is the k.2 series really a better performing speaker than the legendary ZXA5?
It's rated at 2000w, has dps, is lighter, half the price and sounded better (at guitar center)

Chime in!