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DJ Intro volume problems on two separate controllers.

TheMac2295 4:15 PM - 17 August, 2017
Hey guys,

Desperate for a little help here, it seems to be a weird one - hopefully i'm just being stupid and someone can help me. Excuse my lack of lingo, I'm not really in any of the cool scene of DJing...

Using a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 controller and DJ intro, suddenly when i started changing my channel volumes they were lagging and would take around 4 seconds to adjust and then would adjust slowing after i've moved the CH fader.

After that, the CH levels were ALWAYS registering full volume. Even when both ch faders are down, the ch level blippy thing is blasting away in the red.

I've tested this on my old PC, my relatively new laptop (i5), as well as with a friends Pioneer DDJ SB2 and the problem persists. WTF is going on??

I've done all the firmware/driver updates which made the lagging fix, but not the CH level-readers from flashing red.

Any help is massively appreciated.

I've used Serato DJ intro for about a year with little problem; any that have come up I've sorted relatively quickly.
Laz219 9:07 AM - 22 August, 2017
That definitely doesn't sound normal,

So, the issue is persisting across multiple computers and 2 different controllers?
If that's the case, it really changes the issue and it'd be more a case of how it can be replicated.