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Resolume vs Arkaos Grand VJ

DJ Marv the Maverick 6:57 PM - 4 August, 2017
I just downloaded the demo of Resolume and Arkaos.

I'm trying to decide which one to buy

They are both easy to learn to my surprise....I'm always daunted by anything more than two decks and a few buttons.

I noticed Arkaos Grand VJ can listen to live music via the laptop mic and try to detect bpm, thus playing with a band/cdjs/serato the visuals will be in time

Does anyone know if Resolume can do this? I have combed the manual and all i can see is audio reactive parameters (i.e effects), the main BPM of the composition stays the same.

I'm leaning more towards Resolume than Grand VJ. Neither of them have Ableton Link currently.
DJ Marv the Maverick 1:06 PM - 8 August, 2017
I'm going with Resolume. Just ordered an Akai Apc 40 MK II. Can't believe how easy the program is once I Sat down to mess with it a bit.

I understand it can get midi bpm from mixers with midi out eg the Pioneer Nexus mixers and Rane 62.
the SOUNDINSURGENT 4:31 PM - 8 August, 2017
Good choice! You won't be disappointed 🤙🏾
the SOUNDINSURGENT 4:53 PM - 8 August, 2017
And also check out for some serious tips and tricks plus some free visuals 👌🏾

His work is dope!!
DJ Marv the Maverick 8:32 PM - 8 August, 2017
On it boss. Also found a guy called Zyper on YouTube.

Just converted a bunch of visuals to DXV as recommended by him. Something in the line of using the GPU for processing rather than the CPU.
DJ Marv the Maverick 1:33 AM - 19 August, 2017
Is it normal for the MacBook pro fan to run faster when using Resolume.

I initially thought it was because I was using videos of different codecs but now I've created a DXV library of visuals for Resolume and it still speeds up with temp averaging 68°celsius