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NO AUDIO From Deck 2

Mr. GP 12:05 PM - 3 August, 2017
I just purchase the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller, I get audio from deck 1 but not from Deck 2. It looks like it is playing but no sound is coming out. I already check the sound setting on my PC running Windows 7. Has anyone had to deal with this or know of a solution.

mixgoonie 1:32 PM - 3 August, 2017
Download Mixxx and test is there to ensure both outputs are working. You need to setup the soundcard on Asio with Mixxx.
Mr. GP 5:59 PM - 3 August, 2017
Problem fixed with another solution, Thanks @mixgoonie
james size 3:43 PM - 8 September, 2017
How did you fix it? I have just bought one and having exactly the same issue