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JBL vs QSC Rig

Nick Shepherd 3:54 PM - 27 July, 2017
Hello Dj community,
I listed to both the QSC K12.2 and the JBL SRX815p in SamAsh yesterday and thought they both sounded amazing. Basically, I plan on getting the SRX828sp to pair with two tops. I know that specs wise the SRX seems to kill the K series speakers, but listening to them I thought the K12.2 series really performed well, even at high volumes whereas the SRX seemed to have some slight feedback at the higher gain to reproduce the same volume of the K.2 series. I know I was in the store and there are other variables, including how they had the speakers configured and the fact that I was in a somewhat smaller room. Has anyone heard both of these speakers in action and would be able to recommend what would be the best from the SRX812/5p speakers or the K12.2, in combination with the SRX828sp. Also, I realize that I could be mixing brands which I don't like to do, but if it sounds better I doubt my customers would ever know or care with a set crossover. Thanks in advance!