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Serato Control Vinyl Warped

Galvatron 1:15 PM - 27 July, 2017
Hi, so i bought a brand new pair of green control vinyl off juno records website the other day but when they arrived both of them was warped. i contacted Juno who then sent me another pair out which i got today but surprise surprise, these are also warped.
i asked them how they store them as there is no way brand new vinyl should warp like that unless under stress from weight or heat but i was told it must be a serato factory issue and that they should never of passed the checks and even made it out to the shops.
has anyone else bought green control vinyl and got them warped? is this a known issue??
i have a gig in 2 days and looks like i will have to use a controller now till this gets sorted.
Ash Tha Flash 9:27 PM - 30 October, 2017
Same here.. juno records.. warped vinyl and the yellow ones for me.. unusable for me, so then i get more.. also warped. By this time u can imagen how unhappy i was. Need them for work so i buy another yellow pair from a different seller..even more warped than the last 2. Very upset. Iv emailed serato directly i just want some QUALITY controll and un warped vinly..a product i can use. Hopefully they can help me. The price is no issue! I just want some usable vinyl
Laz219 1:32 PM - 4 November, 2017
To be honest, I'd be skeptical of postal issues.
Whether it's before or after the retailer. Posting vinyl just presents too many issues.

It's unfortunate that so many shops don't really keep stock of TCVs anymore. I wouldn't really buy any unless I could check them in store- I've just heard too many stories of warped vinyl.
As much as most places are happy to replace, I only ever replace my TCVs when I realise mine are becoming useless.
webdesignalan 10:12 AM - 10 November, 2017
At this point u can imagen how despondent I was. [link removed]
Need them for work so I purchase another yellow combine from an alternate seller..even more twisted than the last 2. Exceptionally furious. Iv messaged serato straightforwardly I simply need some QUALITY controll and un twisted vinly..a item I can utilize. Ideally they can help me. The cost is no issue! I simply need some usable vinyl.
Nasty Rhythm 8:37 PM - 6 December, 2017
I have purchased around 5 sets of Serato Performance control vinyl and every single one was warped/out of shape.
The only set I have that are perfect are a set of green ones I got a while ago, and are the only useable ones I have.

I just purchased a set of SuperSeal ones, and guess what.... both warped...

Its really starting to p!ss me off, how can that many be warped? I doubt its the postal, because I have purchased tons of Vinly from Discogs etc in the past, and all arrived perfect.

I personally think the manufacturing process needs tighter quality control measures. As said above, no issues with the pricing, but I just want some useable ones!