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Delay in midi commands, have the issue on Intro but not on SDJ

mixgoonie 1:01 PM - 24 July, 2017

I have SDJ and intro, i uses intro on older computers or places where i don't want to take brand new laptops ;)

i've noticed that intro has a delay in every midi command of less of a second. This kindly sucks when you want to play effectively with faders and effects.

Any way to reduce this midi lag ? Audio Souncard has been reduced to 5ms but that doesn't help...

With 10ms on SDJ there is no such issue.

Nathaniel T 3:32 AM - 26 July, 2017
Hey what are the specs of the computer that you are using?
mixgoonie 9:19 AM - 26 July, 2017
Doesn't matter the specs it goes from core i5 to core i7. I don't have it with sdj or any other dj software.

Try to very fast move your faders and tell me if you have the same ? A little delay but for fast commands it is really embarrassing