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Mixtrack Pro 3 and Serato DJ intro issues

videorat23 7:30 AM - 19 July, 2017

I have had my Mixtrack for a few weeks. I was running Serato DJ Intro on a MacBook Pro running Sierra, external HD for audio files. The controller was running fine until today. The left cogwheel platter had major latency, sometimes was unresponsive. Also, I couldn't get the play button to work consistently. The issue moved to both sides. I thought it could be a cable issue but I tried multiple cables, 2 different MACBOOK PRO's and a window 10 laptop.

I am using a external that has older Serato files, crates and iTunes playlists. Could this be the issue? I at a loss and really want this set up to function correctly. Thanks for you help.
DJ Tecniq 1:30 PM - 19 July, 2017
What are the specs of the Mac? Try putting music files on the computer itself and not the external. Don't use the external at all but make a folder of files on your desktop and create a crate and test those files in Serato. If playback is fine it's likely the external.
Marcus S 4:42 AM - 4 August, 2017
Hi there videorat23.

Please open a help request, and send the specifications of your computer through. Our support team will be able to help.