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Have you seen Serato Sample???

Nathaniel T 3:58 AM - 19 July, 2017
Hey guys,

We still love Pitch 'n Time, we just thought we would tell you about our new plug-in, Serato Sample.

Serato Sample is a powerful and intuitive new Sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples. It contains the algorithm from Pitch 'n Time, and while it does not have many of the adjustable parameters, it can do a lot of the same work

More information on Serato Sample can be found here: serato.com

Serato Sample is supported with Ableton, Logic Pro, Fruity Loops and Maschine, but also should work with any DAW that allows plug-ins.

If you like the sound of that you can download the plug in and start a free 30 day trial here - serato.com
metzeng 5:46 AM - 25 September, 2017
Harizona 11:30 AM - 14 January, 2018
Hi there!
why can not I install the driver? installed from here, took a link from the forum:
ludicrouSpeed 11:58 AM - 4 March, 2018
No pitch bend in serato sample though :'(

I was about to buy, and then I realised this.