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Please help with this 90's club song!!

JoFaSho 9:11 AM - 18 July, 2017
I have a video of me dancing to a song when i was little in the 90s. I dont know the song. I put in some of the lyrics i cant find it. This is some of the lyrics i think i made out;

"Turn down the lights, make you feel alright. Ahhh with me ???.. you and me..the ecstasy. You and me..the ecstasy "

Its like a club song. A girl . She sounds like angelina or lina santiago. I dont think its them but she sounds like that. Please help.its killing me
DJ Tecniq 11:39 AM - 22 July, 2017
Jocelyn Enriquez?
JoFaSho 1:21 PM - 22 July, 2017
Jocelyn Enriquez?

Its not her ):