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Friend is Asking to Borrow Stuff. No Etiquette?

SpinnerRoony 10:13 PM - 7 July, 2017
Hello Serato community.

So I don't have a gig tonight but I have plans to spend time with friends and relax.
A friend of mine just hit me up asking to borrow my memory cards, laptop and DJ controller for a gig. I'll be honest, I don't even know this person very well...I have problem known this person for about 3 weeks. And also, if he claims to be a DJ why doesn't he have his own stuff? Lol.
Anyways, I just told this person I cannot lend my controller or laptop. They tell me could I please place about 500+ songs on a G drive folder for them to use for a gig instead...

I get it, it's hard to afford all the expensive tools and what not. But when I was coming up as a DJ I patiently waited and worked until I could save up the money to buy my own stuff... I have never asked any other DJ to borrow a laptop or controller. The only thing I've ever asked was to borrow a sub, but I still offered to pay a couple hundred dollars to rent it.

I don't mean to sound like a douche and reject this guy, but dang. Why are people constantly asking to borrow equipment constantly. I mean, I can understand a small speaker or what not, but dudes are literally asking to borrow my 1TB memory cards, vinyl turntables (with needles) and MacBook laptops...

Have any of you experienced some of this lately?
Let's start a conversation.

Have a great day.
DJ GaFFle 8:39 PM - 9 July, 2017
Do yourself a favor and tell him ((( NO ))). You're only inviting the strong possibility of him damaging your sensitive equipment or it possibly getting stolen.

Borrowing a pair of speakers is one thing but a laptop, drive AND controller is next level (ie: too much) and as a "DJ", he should own his own.
Logisticalstyles 9:10 PM - 10 July, 2017
I would never loan out my laptop decks, controller or hard drives.
Just say NO and be firm about it. This person is not a DJ if he needs to borrow all of that. Maybe he just got robbed or had a fire but outside of those extreme circumstances I can't think of another reason for him to need to borrow that stuff.

I was once in a similar situation where I let a DJ that I recently met borrow some speakers for a gig. It took me two weeks to get them back and that wasn't until I called him out on Facebook. Turns out he was a known scammer that screwed a lot of DJs out of equipment.
DJ Unique 10:58 PM - 10 July, 2017
John Calipari 6:31 PM - 11 July, 2017
Hows about he refer you to do the Gig and you get paid for it, and kick him a small finders fee?