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Serato dj intro is not displaying keys/bpm

DJ-IhaventFiguredMyNameOutYet 3:00 AM - 7 July, 2017
I am using mixed in keys to analyze the bpm and key of songs which rewrites them onto the song so that serato can easily read them but after I analyze the songs in mixed keys then rescan the songs in serato the key and bpm doesn't update instead it just puts the information into the comment section which is really frustrating. Does anyone know why serato is not updating the key and bpm in the section they are supposed to be in instead of just writing it in the comment section?
DJ-IhaventFiguredMyNameOutYet 3:06 AM - 7 July, 2017
I just realized that I can edit the key section so now I am just rewriting the key for every song. Im not sure if it's supposed to be like this but I guess it works.
Mitch Hallett 3:44 AM - 7 July, 2017
Hey there,

It sounds like you need to change a preference setting in Mixed In Key in order to write the tag to the correct part of the file.

Please go to the Mixed In Key Preferences and ensure the "Update custom 'Inital Key' tag' option is enabled.

This should now write the key information automatically to the key tag as opposed to the comments