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Hardware Disconnected / Connect Audio Error

ScottyD 2:51 PM - 4 July, 2017
Hi, I am running a Dell Inspirion 15 7000 series laptop with windows 10. When I plug in the DDJ-SB2 controller I get a "connect audio error" at the lower left hand corner as well as a flashing "Hardware Disconnected" at the top next to the loop icon. I have installed the latest driver (not sure if that is also the firmware). I have owned my controller for over a year and have had nothing but problems including display issues. Nothing seems to help on adjusting resolutions. I have emailed Serato multiple times and get no help. Can my Controller connect to Mixx Software? That seems to work easier for me and never have issues mixing from my laptop. Seems that Serato has a lot of problems from what I am reading on the web. Help with these issues would be great. Better if someone from Serato could fix these issues.
Shaun C. 4:08 AM - 5 July, 2017
Hi Scotty,

Sorry to hear of your connection issue. Please follow the steps in this connection troubleshooting guide to help get back up and running:

I have looked into your previous help ticket that you submitted and it looks like you previously had a conversation with Mike to which he explained the circumstances around high DPI support which is unfortunately not supported at this stage, apologies for this.

However, there is a guide to which users have luck in rescaling their displays - you can find this here:

Hope this helps. If you have any further issues or questions please don't hesitate to open a new help ticket with us here:

ScottyD 8:56 PM - 17 July, 2017
Hi Shaun, I have tried everything including taking my controller and laptop to Guitar Center to try and resolve this. Even the DJ rep at the store tested the controller, which worked well hooked up to their set up, but once plugged back into my new dell laptop it was not working. I am getting really upset that I am not able to use this controller after a whole year, wasted hours trying to figure why it will not operate correctly. Again all I get is the hardware disconnected warning and only deck 1 will work. I am not seeing the 2 decks on serato intro at all. Please help, if not this thing is useless to me and want to be refunded my money
Shaun C. 10:13 PM - 17 July, 2017
Hi again Scotty,

Can I just confirm that you've gone through all the steps in the guide sent previously (

This guide will usually fix the issue you are having 99% of the time.

Give it one more try with following each step carefully and if you continue to have issues, please open a help ticket so we can connect up with you and go into further troubleshooting. Feel free to address the new help ticket to myself, Shaun.
You can open one here:
ScottyD 4:15 PM - 18 July, 2017
Shaun ticket #327685. Is this software even compatible with Windows 10?? Everything works on my old dell running Windows vista. There has to be a setting on windows 10. It's definitely a windows compatibility issue
Shaun C. 3:39 AM - 19 July, 2017
Hi again,

I can see one of my colleagues, Bruce, picked up the help ticket you sent in. Please send him back the system report he asked for as this may help find what the cause of your issues is.

Yes, Serato DJ is compatible with Windows 10.