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64 bits... Mac OS 11 will kill 32-bit

djkee 12:22 PM - 6 June, 2017
64 bit. Please?

Once Mac OS 11 comes out, all current version of Serato will stop working on New Macs, unless users can figure out how to downgrade the OS.
Papa Midnight 1:50 AM - 7 June, 2017
I suggest re-reading the article which you linked.

That change only affects iOS 11 - the operating system Apple uses to power its line of mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

It does not affect macOS (formerly known as Mac OS X) which has supported x86-64 since OS X Tiger (10.4 - Concurrently, macOS has not supported 32-bit processors since OS X Lion (10.7 -
COOLOUT 3:18 AM - 7 June, 2017
I think the OP is trying to request a 64-bit update to Serato Remote. (should probably change the post title)

Serato Remote will not work on the next iOS version 11, since it's only a 32-bit app. On top of that even if Serato does update Serato Remote to work on iOS 11, it will only work on 64-bit CPU devices (iPhone 5s/iPad Air and up).

I'm pretty sure Apple will only allow 64-bit apps into the app store from here on out which means NO new apps for any those older devices either. Planned obsolescence. It's a cold world.
djkee 6:36 AM - 7 June, 2017
Sorry wrong link.
Papa Midnight 3:17 AM - 8 June, 2017
Sorry wrong link.

That affects apps sold in the Mac App Store. This does not affects Serato as it is not distributed through the Mac App Store.

That said, Serato should observe it as a sign of things to come, and prepare accordingly.

I think the OP is trying to request a 64-bit update to Serato Remote. (should probably change the post title)

It doesn't seem that such was the case, but as mentioned above, Serato should act accordingly.

Planned obsolescence. It's a cold world.

...and happens to have been Apple's entire business model for the better part of two decades now. :|
Will08272 5:59 PM - 13 June, 2017
Wouldn't be surprised if by the next two MacOS updates apple forces 64bit only aswell, and even going as far as locking applications the app store. Microsoft created a version of Windows 10 that is locked to the app store althought it is very easy to upgrade to the pro version but its a sign of the direction they are looking and its pretty easy to assume apple maybe thinking the same. Also with the performance they are gettinf out of their chips on the ipad a arm based macbook may not be out of the picture and pairing that with a mac store only MacOS makes sense. The writting is on the wall or currently in the process of getting finalized and posted.
Michael R 11:28 PM - 13 June, 2017
Hey guys,

We are working on an update for Serato Remote to add 64 bit support, it should be out very soon!

Dj cuervo 4:07 PM - 14 June, 2017
Serato DJ verison 2.0????? This summer???