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How can i record video on mix emergency using serato dj

Dj Classcom King 4:27 PM - 13 March, 2017
am using makbook pro i5. i use ME to play video and i wanted to use it for video mixtape recording as well. help me please to find out how i can do it.
popnwave 5:08 PM - 13 March, 2017
When ME is running and in the foreground just go to the top and click on Recording -> New Recording

It will ask you where you want to save the recording. What year is your macbook pro? if it's retina it's a little trickier than an older 2012 or 2011.
Dj Classcom King 10:57 PM - 13 March, 2017
Thanks Mike. Am ok with Audio Recording but am talking about video recording.
popnwave 11:28 PM - 13 March, 2017
When you start the recording that way in Mix Emergency it will do the rest. When you're done it will render the video set - it's normal for it to take an hour or so depending on the resolution you choose.
Dj Classcom King 10:18 AM - 31 August, 2017
ok thank you. i managed to record but no sound
djpuma_gemini 3:00 PM - 31 August, 2017
You'll need to run audio from mixer to your laptop for recording the audio.
Dj Classcom King 4:33 PM - 31 August, 2017
ok thanks let me try it