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Denon MC6000mk2 message :Error Failed to connect audio !!!

MarkD71 10:22 PM - 17 January, 2017
Hi, Wonder if anybody might have this issue... I have just started with the full version on SeratoDJ and i'm getting the this at start at up : Error Failed to connect audio !!!

I wasn't getting it in whilst in the trial period but I am now getting the message having been activated ??

Laptop and Serato is recognising the Controller which is a Denon MC6000mk2 but fails to connect the audio.

I'm not sure what to try now... I also have PCDJ dex 3.3.3 and its works perfectly with it.
I would like to start using Serato but it's not off to a good start.


Nathaniel T 2:02 AM - 18 January, 2017
Hey Mark,

What kind of computer are you running?
DJ.MIXTECO 1:15 PM - 18 January, 2017
hello there i have the denon mc7000 same problem
i have solved whit this hope helps
My Setup 2012 13'' Macbook pro OSX Sierra
Denon MC 7000

Disconnect your controller > Open Audio MIDI Setup > Window > Show MIDI Window
Click CONFIGURATION (drop down menu next to 'add device') > Select "Edit Configuration" > DELETE ALL PREVIOUS MIDI CONFIGURATIONS
Click CONFIGURATION (drop down menu next to 'add device') > Select "Edit Configuration" > create a "New Configuration" > Name it "Untitled"
Reconnect the controller > Test Serato DJ software
MarkD71 11:44 PM - 21 January, 2017
Hi Sorry,

Sorry for getting back.. been a bit busy.

I use a windows 10 laptop.

Can't seem to find any way in windows 10 to edit midi setup.

I tried making the laptop soundcard the default, I've unistalled the usb drivers, uninstalled serato, reinstalled everything... I disabled anti virus... all to no avail so far.

Nathaniel T 9:29 PM - 22 January, 2017
Hey Mark,

The Midi Setup steps are just for Mac.

Perhaps try running through these steps to delete all Serato related drivers from your computer -

Once you have done this can you please reinstall the driver for your controller.

If you are still having issues after this I would suggest that you open a help request with Serato Support here -

djfreshdj 9:33 PM - 4 April, 2017
i am having the same prob on win 10..tried all of the above & no progress
djfreshdj 9:49 PM - 4 April, 2017
my prob is with the denon mc6000mk2. its not connecting to the PC but its does to the Mac, however CH 1& 2 vol does not work they all the way down sound is still cming from the mk2. ch 3&4 work but crossfader does not work.this was working good..i tried the mk2 as a stand along & it work fine.
Nathaniel T 9:54 PM - 4 April, 2017
Have you installed the correct driver? You can get that here -
djfreshdj 4:46 PM - 5 April, 2017
Yes of course..and why does this now happening on my mac??
wen it was working great

mac Sierra latest version updated a week ago
serato 1.9.6
6000mck2 all up to date
Nathaniel T 8:35 PM - 5 April, 2017
On your windows computer can you run through all the steps in this guide -

On your Mac computer can you run through all the steps in this guide -

If you have done this and you are still having issues I would suggest opening a ticket with Serato Support. You can do that by clicking on the green 'Open Help Request' button to the right of your screen.

djfreshdj 5:28 PM - 6 April, 2017
thanks for the support. will see what happen.
reif99 2:11 PM - 18 April, 2017
The denon cannot be your default sound card in windows, make sure u plug it in, it does not "takeover" from your laptop soundcard, follow that Serato guide posted by Nathaniel
djfreshdj 2:47 PM - 18 April, 2017
I have tried all that instructions by Nathaniel on both mac/pc ..nothing fix
reif99 9:38 PM - 18 April, 2017
Can u get sound out of it in any other programs? Or Windows ?

Do the 2 decks in Serato even flash up on the screen before u get the error?

Have u had a look in device manager to see if u have any other sound card devices lingering around? Once I used a Bose Bluetooth sound dock and it stayed listed as a sound card in devices manager and conflicted with my Serato hardware. I had to turn off Bluetooth, go into device manager & delete the bose
djfreshdj 10:30 PM - 18 April, 2017
On PC no its does not flash at all just error..I think i had look into that but will try again.
tekken 2:23 AM - 7 November, 2017
Go to device manager/sound, video.../right click and uninstall mc6000mk2.
it should fix it