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How to save and recall loops on Pioneer DDJ-SX2

diskjokk 10:39 PM - 15 January, 2017
Hello, I recently made the change from Traktor to Serato and admittedly, I'm a little perplexed by something.

Can anyone tell me, how do I save and recall loops using Serato on my new DDJ-SX2? On Traktor, this was quite simple but for Serato, I'm having the hardest time understanding how to do this.

Ideally, I often prepare my tracks before an event and I use a lot of loops. So, I create the loop, save it, and then use it during my gig. How do I do this in Serato? Please help. This is driving me crazy. Thanks!
DJ Tecniq 11:35 AM - 7 July, 2017
Page 18 in the manual. It helps if you read it