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Link Serato w MPC

spike12 8:17 PM - 14 September, 2016
Now that Serato is supported by Ableton Live, is there any way to Sync an MPC with Serato without using Ableton, or is it required for it to work? The MPC shows up on the listed MIDI devices but I haven't been able to get them to communicate.

Thanks for your help!
Marv Incredible 9:36 AM - 21 September, 2016
You don't need Ableton itself to be able to use LINK.

The MPC shows up because it's being recognised as a MIDI device, which means you can assign the pads to controls within SDJ. But that's not what you're looking for.

If SDJ had standard MIDI clock OUT, it could be done.

If the MPC had LINK, it could be done.

You might want to petition AKAI for LINK support.
Le Frique 12:47 PM - 21 September, 2016
If u have an iPad use Link to Midi App to get everything with midi connected to Link aka Serato.
DJ Compiler 1:31 PM - 21 September, 2016
You could also link Ableton and Serato and then have Ableton output a MIDI clock I believe.
spike12 4:41 PM - 21 September, 2016
Thank you all!!

I have an MPC studio, so no ipad options for me unfortunately. I tried using the MPC in plugin mode in Ableton and tried to sync that way using LINK, but I think part of my problem arises because I'm using DVS. It seems to only work for internal mode just like smart sync with the sample player. Ableton also makes me lose control of my hardware transport controls in this configuration

So far I found it easier just to have the MPC hooked up separately and just beat match and cue by ear. I have to do the stretch Armstrong maneuver if I need to change up the bpm on my deck and MPC at the same time. lol

I'll keep playing around and post any progress I make. Thanks you all again for your input.
DJ Compiler 10:05 PM - 21 September, 2016
Yeah Serato integrates with Link by smart synching to the "Link Clock" so unless you're able to use smart sync there's currently no way to take advantage of it
dnparadice 11:43 PM - 8 July, 2017
I would like to +100 on this. It would be great to have a midi beat clock in and/or out on serato DJ. I don't use (or like) ableton live but I do have a room full of midi gear that would be awesome to be able to sync to a serato DJ set.
spike12 1:21 AM - 9 July, 2017
One of the ways is to use the MPC as a VST plug in in Ableton and work around that way.. a bit of a resource waste doing it that way though.
MBLL 9:45 PM - 22 July, 2017
A standard Midi clock would be great. I use a MPC2500 and want to sync it with Serato
deejdave 1:25 AM - 23 July, 2017