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What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Left-Right Balance or Panning feature/effect for SDJ

djkee 9:11 AM - 10 September, 2016
Can we have a simple left-right manual balance control?

I was thinking it would need to be a new feature, but maybe it would just be easier to implement as a single parameter "effect" in our FX menu. Then we could MIDI remap it to any knob on our controllers to control L-R pan for a single channel or for master.
wildchild6907 1:49 AM - 13 September, 2016
djkee 11:44 PM - 29 September, 2016
I was also thinking it could be a neat croassfader effect to pan both channels automatically back and forth while crossfading.
djnightfire 1:43 PM - 10 November, 2016
acemc 11:10 AM - 13 November, 2016
I made a request for this quite a while ago.
This would be very useful for guys that do karaoke too.
There are some karaoke files that have goals on the L-ch & instrumental on R-ch.
So a BIG +1 on this request.
djkee 8:25 PM - 27 February, 2017
djkee 1:35 PM - 8 April, 2017
Pan and auto-pan as fx options. please?
acemc 5:47 PM - 10 April, 2017
some karaoke files that have goals on the L-ch & instrumental on R-ch.

Vocals on the L-CH
djkee 12:16 AM - 2 September, 2017
This is a super low hanging fruit. Please?

Manual L-R pan as an "FX".

Adding a new feature and I'm sure it would take a day or two to implement.
DJ TooHypE 9:03 PM - 2 September, 2017
Yep would be dope +1
Le Frique 10:23 PM - 15 October, 2017
DJ OH NO! 10:06 PM - 20 February, 2018
Serato Team: PLEASE ADD PAN EFFECT FOR FX. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO ASSIGN A KNOB ON MY CONTROLLER (DDJSX2) TO CONTROL PANNING (Without Delay. Pan Delay is great, but Please! We need normal PAN as effect!)
This should be really easy :)
Thank you and please do it
djkee 10:58 PM - 16 March, 2018