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PNT LE in Pro Tools 7.1

Pitch 'n Time LE
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matcochr 4:52 PM - 31 May, 2006
First thing, I've been looking for a slightly more affordable version of Pitch 'n Time for a while so the LE version is great and I'll likely be buying it.

I've been trying out the demo version of PNT LE and I haven't been able to get PNT LE to work with the Time Trimmer tool in Pro Tools LE 7.1. According to the manual, this is because using the Time Trimmer tool to access PNT LE isn't available except in Pro Tools 7.2, but there is no such thing as Pro Tools LE 7.2 - they only upgraded HD to 7.2 so far.

So... do I have to wait until Digidesign release Pro Tools LE 7.2 before I can use PNT LE with the time trimmer tool? (I know that in the meantime I can happily use PNT LE in Audiosuite, and I suppose I should probably upgrade to the newest version of Logic so I can use PNT LE there too).
Talei 9:22 PM - 31 May, 2006
You will need to wait to Pro Tools 7.2 before you are able to use Pitch 'n Time LE with the time trimmer tool. Pro Tools 7.2 is due for release in July. Unfortunately we were unable to backdate this funtionality to earlier versions.
Josh 3:55 AM - 1 June, 2006
if you haven't already used up the 30 demo of Pitch 'n Time pro on your machine, you could use that in the time trimmer until 7.2 is released, or if you have used up the demo, I don't think there'd be a problem giving you another 30 days via if you have a need for that functionality...
Joanie 1:29 AM - 22 June, 2006
I'm on the 30 day demo of Pitch 'n Time pro - running ProTools 7.1 -- how do I get it to integrate with the trimmer tool?
Joanie 5:25 AM - 22 June, 2006
Never mind - I figured it out -- in the Preferences in the Setup menu