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Rane MP2014 native support PLEASE!

joot29 1:44 PM - 15 July, 2016
I bought an MP2014 specifically to use with my serato setup. Please add support.
roy rohypnol 8:20 AM - 17 July, 2016
iSSi 8:01 PM - 26 July, 2016
roy rohypnol 6:45 AM - 31 July, 2016
I've given up and switched to Traktor. 2.10.3 beta works flawlessly with the mixer.
Gilesicus 10:44 AM - 7 October, 2016
jayneural 7:48 AM - 25 November, 2016
Just ordered the MP2014, assuming Serato will support it, at least with the Club Kit. Otherwise I still have my Traktor Scratch license and I'll switch back to it.
funx0rs 2:44 AM - 17 October, 2017
I'm really bummed. Just pulled the trigger on a pre-owned MP2014 only to find out it isn't certified. I should have done more research, so I guess it's on me.

It makes no sense for the 2015, which is more mixer than I need, to be supported but the 2014 isn't.
jayneural 5:09 PM - 17 November, 2017
funx0rs > btw Rekordbox DJ supports it, and it's probably the way to go. So I did until I see what next comes from Serato...