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Rane MP2014 native support PLEASE!

joot29 1:44 PM - 15 July, 2016
I bought an MP2014 specifically to use with my serato setup. Please add support.
roy rohypnol 8:20 AM - 17 July, 2016
iSSi 8:01 PM - 26 July, 2016
roy rohypnol 6:45 AM - 31 July, 2016
I've given up and switched to Traktor. 2.10.3 beta works flawlessly with the mixer.
Gilesicus 10:44 AM - 7 October, 2016
jayneural 7:48 AM - 25 November, 2016
Just ordered the MP2014, assuming Serato will support it, at least with the Club Kit. Otherwise I still have my Traktor Scratch license and I'll switch back to it.
funx0rs 2:44 AM - 17 October, 2017
I'm really bummed. Just pulled the trigger on a pre-owned MP2014 only to find out it isn't certified. I should have done more research, so I guess it's on me.

It makes no sense for the 2015, which is more mixer than I need, to be supported but the 2014 isn't.
jayneural 5:09 PM - 17 November, 2017
funx0rs > btw Rekordbox DJ supports it, and it's probably the way to go. So I did until I see what next comes from Serato...
popnwave 3:54 AM - 25 November, 2017
Rekordbox unofficially supports it for now. They are quick to make no promises that the functionality will continue down the road.

"Other gear that is working now is not always an officially announced thing. Can I say it will always, no, it comes down to both companies and where they go in the future. Like I said, it is unclear who will do what with RBDJ down the road but I hope it will continue to grow with other companies support. For now buy Pioneer gear and you'll have the best experience using Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ."