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serato pyro for android!

philou800 2:47 PM - 13 July, 2016
hi, I wonder if ever sera to pyro will be availlable for android.
i think that it is a very nice app and that more dj will use it if serato pyro open it market to android. will it be possible....
popnwave 1:19 AM - 16 July, 2016
Not until Android deals with it's audio latency issues I assume..
JarydK 11:11 PM - 13 September, 2016
Please give us an update on Pyro for Android.. Amazing app, I'd happy pay for it
JarydK 11:11 PM - 13 September, 2016
thereshan 4:53 AM - 1 November, 2016
im also waiting . i hope serato does it for android
Wogfun 5:48 PM - 17 January, 2017
So, it's not happening is it? I guess I'll check out Pacemaker if thats available for Android. Good luck.
rx.11 5:03 AM - 30 January, 2017
rx.11 5:04 AM - 30 January, 2017
popnwave 6:54 PM - 30 January, 2017

Blaaaaaame Google
deejdave 5:07 AM - 12 February, 2017
So, it's not happening is it? I guess I'll check out Pacemaker if thats available for Android. Good luck.

It is not. Just gonna put this out there guys Pacemaker and Pyro teams are not all that large and Android is not on the road map for either and YES the audio issues prone to Android devices play a large part of these decisions.
FREDDIE R 4:23 PM - 28 April, 2017
Please please bring serato pyro to Android please I love serato and also want serato white label radio that gives DJ recommendations of songs to get all from listening from our Android devices
Korne 11:46 AM - 28 May, 2017
Hello everyone ,

Any idea when a Android version is available?
deejdave 6:46 PM - 28 May, 2017
There are currently no plans to add android support.
vondes 11:47 AM - 30 July, 2017
Can this app work together with mobile recorder on Android?
Kitheka 4:46 PM - 2 January, 2019
Good i like it
Noztrum 7:36 AM - 28 January, 2019
any news about the Andriod version?
popnwave 4:22 PM - 28 January, 2019
any news about the Andriod version?

deejdave 3:55 AM - 29 January, 2019
It is not even fully working for iOS if I am seeing things correctly lately. I only used with Spotify so can not verify but I believe Pyro is having issues with local libraries lately???
DJ Alegre 9:51 PM - 12 November, 2019
Pyro not working on iOS, 13.2, is pyro working on earlier iOS versions for anybody else.
deejdave 12:24 AM - 13 November, 2019
YESSS. Confirmed not working on 13.2 (have seen others) but I am on 13.1.3 myself and it is certainly working fine.....