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Pioneer ddj sx with usb 3.0

wma files on in tro 9:27 PM - 21 February, 2016
Hi, can my pioneer ddj sx be plugged into a usb 3.0 plug, this was a while ago, but when i originally installed i had issues it not being recognized on 3.0, im wanting to upgrade my laptop and wanting to know what would be a good replacement for my hp i7 8gb ram and 500hdd. Its approximately 3 years old , only used for djing but think its getting bit slow with startup and actual getting into serato dj. Any ideas much appreciated. All my music is pc based by the way for the people that will say apple. Dont really want to spend any more than bout 1800.
4play 10:33 PM - 21 February, 2016
There should be no problem plugging it into a usb3 port. they are all backwards compatible.