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Serato Video Additional Features option

magfox131 11:28 PM - 4 February, 2016
Hi Guys as one of a Video Dj , I check the Cross MIXVIBES one of the awesome features they have is to access the built In Camera of your laptop if you have a installed external HD webcam which is focus to the dance floor at least the crowd could seen there faces on the video screen it might be awesome features for SERATO VIDEO option features soon if granted !
Mr Wilks 10:42 AM - 5 February, 2016

This should definitely be on an upgrade as I'd use it.
Marv Incredible 1:09 PM - 5 February, 2016
I seem to remember a video.input quartz file floating around from a few years back. I've got it somewhere but don't use it anymore. I definitely remember using it back in the days of Video-SL and though I've never tried it with Serato Video, I'm sure it would still work.
Marv Incredible 1:35 PM - 5 February, 2016
Here you go. There are a few files on this page, including a link to the DVInputStream file. that I've refreshed my memory, 1) I think it only worked with DV cameras and 2) maybe it didn't work with Video-SL after all. I Must have used it with Mix Emergency back then.

The more recent versions of Mix Emergency now accept video input without the need for external plug-ins, but it's worth trying the files in that thread to see if you can get them to work with SV. I'd try it, but I don't have time right now.