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Should I get Vestax VCI-380 or other controller?

L D 9:38 PM - 14 December, 2015
Hello All,

Fist post here. Used to mix about 15 - 10 years ago but sold my turntables and mixer a few years back when I stopped using them, mainly due to space constraints. Have had a strong hankering for a mix of late but I don't want to get vinyl decks again so I'm looking for something small-ish and reliable, I'm hoping some people here might know what would be right up my alley and point me in the right direction.

I just want something that will work well with Serato DJ, I only want 2 channel faders not 4, to save space, I don't mind if the thing can switch to mixing channels 3 and 4 as well but that would just be a bonus which to be honest, I may never use. Again I'm not REALLY fussed about FX and samples but it would be good to have those capabilities. I just want a good solid reliable 2 channel DJ controller, with GOOD accurate platters for scratching and beat matching, also a good reliable pitch slider is a must.

I was looking at the Vestax VCI-380 as loads of people say the platters are amazing, and it only has 2 channel faders, which is what I want. But there are a lot of people saying that they've had problems with them and that it's all luck depending on which one you get. A shop near me has a couple new but obviously Vestax are gone so not sure what would happen if there was a problem with it. Also with the VCI-380, Serato say it's SDJ enabled fully. I'm not sure how that works, would I just download and install SDJ, plug in the VCI-380 and it would all come to life, be licensed and fully work?

So obviously the VCI-380 is an older product now and was originally designed for use with Itch I think, so are there just better newer things available now? So to go with the features I want (and don't want) I've looked at the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO, S1, SB2, SR and the WeGO3 (although I don't like the look of those buttons round the platters on the WeGO3, but suppose I could get used to that). I think all of these pioneer ones except the S1 and the SR you have to pay for Serato DJ separate so that's more money.

What should I get? I just want to have the ability to have a good solid mix without too many bells and whistles, not bothered about DVS but I suppose it would be a bonus if the thing supports it. Just want good quality responsive platters to touch and solid pitch sliders and EQ.

Dj cuervo 11:04 PM - 14 December, 2015
Vci 380 platters are the best in my opinion. You don't need a license. You just download the latest version of Serato. Only issue I have is the Color Mapping for the Cue points. I'm Scratch DJ and I can do everything I do on my 1200s. No DVS support because Vestax is RIP. If you can find them new or very cheap used then purchase it. There is no vendor support since Vestax is no more. I love my Vci 380. #BestSmallSetupOutThere. The Mic input does have EQ also.
dj Krazey leo 12:18 AM - 15 December, 2015
Cham 2:22 AM - 15 December, 2015
I own one and I like it. BUT, will it work with El Capitan? It seems the manufacturers has to update some drivers and Vestax doesn't exist anymore so I think it will be worthless as soon as you update. This is just a guess from my side but I would buy something from a company that exits.
dj_soo 7:09 AM - 15 December, 2015
I was in the market to replace my VCI 380 just because some things on mine were starting to act up.

Ended up replacing it with another VCI-380.

It really is the best small-size controller on the market with the best platters available. Especially now that you can remap the controls, it's even better.

It's a shame that no one else is stepping up to produce something similar... The available pro-level gear is too big, the small-size gear is too cheap and basic and no one seems to want to add tension adjustable platters in their gear anymore. The only other company that offers a tension adjust is pioneer and that's only on the SZ. imo, it should be a basic feature in anything that's past an entry level controller.
beisi 9:14 AM - 15 December, 2015
Totally agree it was the best, love the vci380, miss mine all the time every since I sold it

So far no manufacturer has put so much of the same type of functionality in a controller (adjustable tension jogs, led playhead indicators, full function color pads, standalone mixer), hate how pioneer nerfs their lower tier controllers to make you buy the more premium models. Feels like Vestax was the last manufacturer who really cared about making feature packed but also portable controllers.

Anyways, a word of warning... a couple of months after I sold it a friend, one of the up faders stopped working and I felt bad for my friend so found another online and got it replaced, it worked another couple of months then the something else (not easily diagnosable) died, net result it won't output sound

As awesome as they are without manufacturer support for hardware probs / driver updates it would not be worth it IMO

Sad to say there really isn't anything that can replace it, I guess the closest 2 channel competitor would be reloop terminal mix2 or DDJSR but personally I wouldn't buy either as I really value a playhead indicator marker on the jog.

Also the Numark NV has great pitch faders and is apparently quite portable. The jogs are small and nonadjustable however.
L D 12:18 PM - 15 December, 2015
Thanks for all your replies, amazing.

Cham and Beisi, I take your point on getting something with support, but, I think I might go for it considering the other people's responses.

Couple of questions:

1. I know that it is mains powered as you can use it as a standalone mixer, but does it have the ability to be used with USB power only if you want? Maybe with a lesser master out level.

2. Does anyone know the situation with the VCI-380 and windows? Does it work in SDJ with 7, 8.1, 10?

&Midge 1:29 PM - 15 December, 2015
1. NO

2. I can confirm it works fine with Windows 7, not sure about the others.

I love my VCI 380 :)
&Midge 1:30 PM - 15 December, 2015
However, Pad FX are weak and unusable. Everything else rocks! =D
L D 1:41 PM - 15 December, 2015
Ok, thanks.

Anyone else know about W8.1 and W10 (64) ???
L D 10:39 PM - 15 December, 2015
Who cares, placed order and paid, W7 is fine. Thanks everyone!