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Bought an NS7II. But also own a 62&57. Do I need to buy the DVS expansion?

Mitchythekid 1:53 AM - 3 October, 2015
Like it says. I also own a 62 and 57. Do I need to buy the DVS expansion pack? If so. Why?
Konix 2:38 AM - 3 October, 2015
Yes you must buy the DVS plugin to use with NS7II.

Why? Because when you bought the 62, you basically purchased the right to use it with DVS, as that is the mixer's main purpose and what it is designed for.

The NS7II is a controller (obviously). It was not designed as a DVS device originally nor is its main purpose. DVS support for specific controllers came after the fact. DVS support took time to code, test, and implement. Time is money. You wouldn't work for free, would you?
Mitchythekid 2:54 AM - 3 October, 2015
The DVS support = sending the noise map in to the soundcard. I don't get why it costs more money. While I have supported them previously for 7 years (and still currently own other "noise map enabled devices") Buying serato mixers, soundcards and vinyl.

HID mode is supported from CDJs and all sorts of other cheap midi devices. Pretty sure they made more off of me paying $2k per mixer for a mixer that would either wise be worth $800. And $750 for an SL1 which is only equivalent to a $150 soundcard. I'm sure that took time to: Code, Test and Implement. So why charge your previous supporters for something they are already using?

I fully agree that people who haven't contributed to the development of noise map, Should do so. To earn the privilege of using it.

And yes, I do have to work for free from time to time. To service previous customers. To take care of people who have supported our company in the past.