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Serato DJ 1.7.7. midi out light issue

G-rod 5:18 PM - 11 August, 2015
I use a A&H Xone K2 as a midi controller and it worked fine with all the previous versions, but since I upgraded to 1.7.7 the lights on the controller stopped working.

Tried to re-load the midi mapping, disabled and enabled the lights, even tried to program some new comands an toggling on/off the light and nothing worked.

As anyone noticed the same issue?
zachmg 6:50 PM - 11 August, 2015
Yeah I just wanted to post the same

Output Lighting on my Z2 which worked perfectly with 1.7.6 is not working any more.
Loaded the old version again and it worked again. (only thing not lighting up is the active, saved loop)

would be cool to see a fix there!

th3thrilld3m0n 4:27 AM - 12 August, 2015
I have a Novation Launchpad S and am running 1.7.7 on Windows 10. Although the MIDI is mapped, and the pads on the Launchpad respond, there is no lighting response being displayed.
slimmjimm 7:27 PM - 12 August, 2015
Having the same issue with my DJM-T1, worked fine until I updated to 1.7.7
RandomAllDay 12:20 AM - 13 August, 2015
Same issue here with the Machine MK2 on 1.7.7. Midi signal works but NO midi lighting.
RandomAllDay 1:02 AM - 13 August, 2015

Do you have a link to the 1.7.6 dmg?
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 2:27 AM - 13 August, 2015
Hi RandomAllDay!

If you go to the downloads page ; you will see on the bottom right hand side the "Serato DJ Downloads Archive" page which houses all prior versions for downloading on your OS :)


G-rod 1:54 PM - 13 August, 2015
Any predictions on when could this be fixed and also the collapsing on itunes directory?
No Handle 9:06 PM - 13 August, 2015
+1 for MIDI Output Lighting broken in SDJ 1.7.7. Traktor X1.
G-rod 12:43 AM - 31 August, 2015
still haven't solved this issue on the newest update... 1.7.8.
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 2:18 AM - 31 August, 2015
Hey guys,

This release was mainly to address the iTunes issues, we have been working on the MIDI output lighting issue so expect to see a release with that included soon!


G-rod 7:22 AM - 31 August, 2015
any idea when it will be released?
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 8:00 AM - 31 August, 2015
I will let you know as soon as I can G-rod!
ShonkaiDJ 1:45 PM - 7 September, 2015
Yep, since 1.7.7 Xone K2 does not show any led feedback. 1.7.8 install unfortunately did not solve this. Running windows 7 x64. Cannot seem to find any 'switch' in the .xml file. Is there a switch in the registry?
ShonkaiDJ 2:58 PM - 7 September, 2015
I just double checked and it's right, if I install 1.7.6 the led feedback or Output Lighting function in Serato works fine. My K2 rocks as it should. :-)
ShonkaiDJ 2:59 PM - 7 September, 2015 it should a couple of months ago. No updated rocking for me.
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 11:59 PM - 7 September, 2015
Hi ShonkaiDJ,

We will be putting a fix out for this as soon as we can man, you can update rock in the near future, we got you.

ShonkaiDJ 12:29 PM - 8 September, 2015
Thanks for the rockin´ response!
MonoCh 8:52 PM - 16 October, 2015
Does anyone using the 1.8 beta know if this issue has been fixed? i went back to 1.7.6 so I could use my Traktor X1 mk2 again.
G-rod 4:55 PM - 17 October, 2015
it's all solved on the new Beta version. even seems to sound better
MonoCh 6:12 PM - 17 October, 2015
it's all solved on the new Beta version. even seems to sound better

Awesome! I'll try it out today. Thanks!
Le Frique 7:58 PM - 17 October, 2015
Yeah, Output Lightning back, bettet limiter behaviour, master Volume Control on SL3... Great Release...go and try it👍
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 4:05 AM - 27 October, 2015
Thanks for the feedback guys glad this fix is playing nice and 1.8 is enjoyable for you all, appreciate it :)
StefanS 11:19 AM - 31 October, 2015
Thanks for fixing the Midi Output issue! Launchpad S works nice :-)
djcyph1 12:00 PM - 6 November, 2015
It's not working for me on 1.8 release. Is it for you guys or just the beta? When I initially make a mapping it works great. When I reopen serato DJ lighting works but then the controller mappings get messed up. If i turn output lighting off the controller functions properly