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Pioneer DDJ SR Button Problem :(

Benjvmine 8:29 PM - 10 June, 2015
Hey guys! On my controller I have a problem where the cue button on the left side won't work as well. When I press down on it, it's not as responsive (I would have to press down kind of hard to actually get it to work or hit a sweet spot on the bottom of it)
Is there any way I can fix this?
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 8:34 PM - 10 June, 2015
Hey Benjvmine,

I'd recommend opening a help ticket with the support team over here: They will be able to help you with this.

In the meantime, can you make sure you're running the latest version of Serato DJ ( and have your DDJ-SR firmware up to date (


Ingve 2:29 AM - 27 January, 2016
Benjvmine: I have the exact same problem... did you find a solution?
rob huntley 5:11 PM - 4 November, 2017
I’m having problems with my ddj-sr left hand button really needs pushing hard or pressing twice to start did u get a fix for the problem
TheSavage1 6:07 PM - 11 December, 2017
My pioneer DDJ Sr the up cue's and mid knobs are sticking and vilune fades out. How so I fix it? Where do I send it?
rob huntley 6:53 PM - 11 December, 2017
i had problems with play button still do but to send to pioneer (under warranty) is a bit of a joke as there is only one place in the south east (uk) so will take ages could be months to get fixed im getting mine done locally will cost about £60 but only a couple of weeks
Tomdjtom 11:50 AM - 28 February, 2018
Guys ive had this problem for years 2 and now i think i have finally cracked it this will save you having to buy a new controller!! the problem is i think... when the usb is connected the device is drawing too much power from the computer but if you buy a powered usb this behaviour stops. try it out guys im having no issues now!
mrdjfresh 10:27 PM - 16 December, 2018
what do u mean a powered usb. i don't get it. i have a pioneer ddj-sr and i'm having problems with my cue button stopping the other track when i press it and i was told its bcoz the usb isnt sending enough power. i've never heard of a powered usb b4so could u please tell me or send me a email pls as i really need this sorted asap.
Logisticalstyles 10:19 PM - 19 December, 2018
A powered USB hub supplies power to the bus so that the devices don't overload the computer's supply.
DJ Intrigue 9:33 PM - 20 December, 2018
not surprised you are having issues with your unit. I had the exact same unit and had the same issues, sent it to Pioneer- waited 3 months and they sent me another broken one. That why I only mess with Rane nowadays. Good luck ole chap!