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resetting password

dvj sof 10:11 AM - 10 June, 2015
this is to serato people.
i come cross this problem yesterday and surprised how come a skilled people like you could make this mistake?
i was trying to login on serato dj software, because i forget my password i followed the instructions. got an email from you asking me to click on the link which was fine taking me to the website fully logged in. but still not logged in on the software. so still needing my password. went to my account setting to change my password and here it comes the problem. it's asking me to enter my old password before i reset a new one? how could this happen if i already told you i don't remember it? seriously you have to look at this as no one will be able to reset it.
carmito 1:35 AM - 19 March, 2017
I love ruth