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Water Damage to NS7/ BPM Modifier

DJ Trawww 9:20 AM - 6 May, 2015
I have experienced water damage to my NS7 controller which has caused my BPM on the right side to glitch and change pitch to make the track slower when I load it, and if I double tap the "Load B" button, the track loads at the BPM set to the left side but, glitches and changes pitch on its own, up or down. Also the BMP modifier doesn't work due to the water damage I assume. All other buttons & knobs work fine, just my BPM modifier doesn't and the lights for "Cue" "play" etc. are out. Will i have to take it to a shop for fixing? If so, how much will it roughly cost? Is there a way I could fix it myself? or is there a way around the glitch?