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Learn: Video Master FX

11:41 PM, 12 Apr 2015
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DJ Myrrha 5:05 AM - 14 April, 2015
Serato is the best! Tks for thinking in every detail ...
DjErikPro 7:34 AM - 14 April, 2015
Good Friends, thanks for the support !
DVJ LINE 6:52 PM - 14 April, 2015
video playback still fails to windows 7 and 8 after 4 hours of use that do not create a serato you to reproduce the videos with replacing windows media player quicktime, so the DJs we would not buy a macbook to mix videos and could have more users to buy their software.
attn: dvj line
stimpey 6:32 AM - 15 April, 2015
Hi Sam,
Its all well and good sorting the Fx out, how about the video recording issues everyone has been having including myself. You have been in partnership with xtendamix for a few months now. i use these and it still comes up with 5% of frame not being recorded lower your ......... or nit stops recording after 2 mins,
please sort this issue.

mikeskeezo 7:50 PM - 15 April, 2015
stil no channel swap or reverse crossfader for serato video.for hamster crossfade use, the audio reverse's but not the video itself.
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