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Cali Special

9:33 PM, 24 Feb 2015
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Trousers 9:57 PM - 26 February, 2015
This is gonna sounds whack as fuuuh
But the wine. The red wine.
The Bear Flag red wine we keep stocked up like water.
AndrewRivas 10:01 PM - 26 February, 2015
Best part of California is the Diversity.

Beaches, Deserts, Forests, Mountains, Snow, Rain, Heat, Straight, Gay, Rightwing, Leftwing it just doesn't matter everybody/everything is here and is welcomed. California is the embodiment of Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land".
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 10:01 PM - 26 February, 2015
Wine is tight, not even close to wack.
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 10:05 PM - 26 February, 2015
I'm not trying to win but my favourite thing about California is the music. Down in New Zealand I grew up listening to West Coast shit all day.
MikeAylon 10:06 PM - 26 February, 2015
California has been my home for the past 22 years, and I've yet to get tired of it. I was born in Germany and my mother brought me here after I was born, and am so lucky and blessed to live here. I've visited all over the U.S., but every time I return to my home in Southern California, I always reflect on how I would never want to live anywhere else.
The weather is something you don't find in other places. We don't have tornadoes, hurricanes, or blizzards. We are given the gift of the sun on a regular basis. I can go to the beach in the middle of winter and get a tan. It's unmatched.
I live in the suburbs outside of Los Angeles, so it always nice to be able to enjoy the surrounding areas of entertainment whenever I please. You just can't beat it. Lord knows this will be my home for the rest of my life.
razcal_ger 10:09 PM - 26 February, 2015
Never been, but I imagine that the weather is much better than the one I'm used to (foggy rainy, anyone?).

Apart from that, I think these CVs should go to dedicated forum posters from Cali.
TrtlMck 10:13 PM - 26 February, 2015
There's nothing like soaking up the summer sun to the sounds of good music while the smell of California green fills the air. From rooftop parties, to warehouse parties to Sunday pool parties, California has a unique vibe all it's own. Home to some of the best Hip Hop, House, Cumbia and Funk.
MACA 10:16 PM - 26 February, 2015
i mean...well..favourite thing about California?

of course...

California Girls!!!!
polyXploit 10:22 PM - 26 February, 2015
“Soon it got dusk, a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over tangerine groves and long melon fields; the sun the color of pressed grapes, slashed with burgandy red, the fields the color of love and Spanish mysteries.”
TimSawyer 10:30 PM - 26 February, 2015
My favourite thing about California right now is the producers. Magic coming out of there right now.
Miaer 10:30 PM - 26 February, 2015
I've never been unfortunately; I'm from Wales, UK.
But here's a nugget of information for you:

"There's GOLD in them there hills!"
DJ Vic Da Mon 10:34 PM - 26 February, 2015
Love Cali as for Valentines Day I asked my wife where she wanted to have dinner. She could have picked anythjng, but she Loves King Taco so we went thru.
Only in Cali u have King Taco, which makes my wife happy.....
FunkyRob 10:37 PM - 26 February, 2015
Without it there would have been no Snoop Dogg/Katy Perry collaboration.
AndrewRivas 10:50 PM - 26 February, 2015
From Oakland to Sacktown, The Bay Area and back down, Cali is where they say you can put your mack down. In California, you can frequently floss hoes at Roscoe's. If you want to squirt her, you can then take her to Fatburger. You could spend about a week on Venice Beach, Sippin' Crist-o, with some freaks from Frisco.
DJ KOLOS 10:51 PM - 26 February, 2015
Grabbed all my vinyl
No it's not final...
Moved 3000+ records 1 per mile...

Escaping the cold
Embracing the bold...

Being hyper
I've spun at the Viper,
House of Blues
That's old news...

Tired of the sunrises
Want to see the sunsets
Flipped what Augustina sings.

Yeah I'm no MC
I'm a DJ
Who likes to play
Here in the sand
With wine in my hand

From Boston to LA
I'd redo that move anyday
Plus now I'm closer to New Zealand anyway!

djbennyblanco_ 10:51 PM - 26 February, 2015
California... knows how to party
California... knows how to party
In the citaaay of L.A.
In the citaaay of good ol' Watts
In the citaaay, the city of Compton
We keep it rockin! We keep it rockin!

Never been to California but have always wanted to travel or move there. Living in the east coast my whole life, my favorite thing about California is the different styles of music they have provided. And, all the great djs that i have looked up to like the beat junkies, mix master mike, Q-bert, Dj Shadow, and many more
Itsdjcash 10:53 PM - 26 February, 2015
Two words - Arnold Schwarzenegger. C'mon man who doesn't love the Terminator.
DaRealKidWonder 10:53 PM - 26 February, 2015
So many Del Tacos...
SirForce 10:54 PM - 26 February, 2015
What's not to love about Cali? Climate is terrific, the scenery on the beaches ... wow ... , San Diego... sunset on the ocean.... amazeballs! Anaheim - Disney delights! LA, bright lights big city.... Six Flags Fun, Beverly Hills 90210... Rodeo Drive! Then there's San Francisco, the food, the freaks, the music, the hills, fun times to say the least. Silicon Valley - stand up! Gotta represent the high tech that connects the planet! Viva Serato!
DJ Matrox 10:57 PM - 26 February, 2015
What I love about California?

Being born and raised in San Diego, California. Living in California my entire life, I can say there is no state like it. Everything from the awesome year round weather, to the beautiful people that this state seems to "produce", to the diverse music scene that has come from this wonderful state. You could travel from the bottom of this state enjoying TJ tacos cruising all the way to Sacramento to watch a Kings game. You would experience everything it has to offer, which would take a lifetime and be completely worth it. California is so blessed to be one of the most diverse and fruitful states. Seriously, Californians are a unique breed and being able to say I am one is the best part of California. I am a Californian!
DeeJay Queazy 11:07 PM - 26 February, 2015
What is it to love about Cali? The people, the diversity, the climate....but really, that Cali love. Yes, there is such a thing as Cali love. My first trip to Cali landed me many friends, great memories and a hell of a good time. Cali love does exist, just visit and you will see. People in Cali are much more laid back. They aren't worried about some of the b.s. that troubles people in other regions. They are happy to show you a good time and will make sure you feel welcome. It's that Cali love baby!
m17ch 11:11 PM - 26 February, 2015
I like cali because RTI is there and they made the serato records I started collecting.
bboysupafly 11:15 PM - 26 February, 2015
Disneyland has been a lifetime memory my kids will have. Cali was the first state we visited together as a family and admired everything about it! Especially the mountains just about everywhere.
G.E.Oh 11:29 PM - 26 February, 2015
My favourite thing about Cali is the Sheats Goldstein Residence designed by architect John Lautner - it appears in The Big Lebowski, and has a roof with drinking glass skylights!
DJ Skritchin 11:30 PM - 26 February, 2015
My favorite thing about Cali are the people from there who tell you they're from there, even if you didn't ask.
djratedr916 11:35 PM - 26 February, 2015
In & out! That's what are hamburgers is all about! Has to be one the the best burger joints in the US yet alone based out of Cali. Friends who visit Cali always need that burger fix and our go to is this place! Hella fresh burgers, fries & shakes! You can't go wrong. And that secret menu tho..... Only Californians get.
mikeskeezo 11:35 PM - 26 February, 2015
women,Hollywood san fran bridge. the bay area ,turn tablist culture.pop locking and gangsta rap. nuff said
_intrinsic_ 11:41 PM - 26 February, 2015
DJs... coming from the Bay Area, I can confirm that some of the best groups (The Invisible Scratch Piklz, Beat Junkies, Bangerz) has come out of this little area of the world. But on top of the bay, California's huge diversity has brought every type of listening style all the from northern to southern California. No matter where you go, you'll always hear a different style of music.
Billy Blake 11:41 PM - 26 February, 2015
Las Latinas! My wife was born in El Salvador and moved to California as a little girl. Her father took a job in Connecticut, and well all that is another story. But we met in Connecticut, fell in love, got married, bought a house, and just had our first born. I don't get to buy many CV these days, but I get a whole lot of Cali love from my wife. Truly blessed for my family, and a little extra control vinyl never hurts either.
djmallon 11:41 PM - 26 February, 2015
The homies! Every time I'm in Cali I have a place to crash and they're always so hospitable. Umami Burger is A+ too!
DEEJAY JONJON 11:42 PM - 26 February, 2015
When you think of the name SERATO... You think of advantages, opportunities and recognition. These same adjectives are synonymous with the great State of California. From Hollywood to Palm Springs, from Disneyland to Sea World, from skateboarding to snow boarding, from DJ'ing to MC'ing, from Staples Center to Chavez Ravine, from Chick Hearn to Vin Scully, from Magic Johnson to Wayne Gretzky, from Laguna to Venice beach, from 2 Pac to NWA... These icons all incorporate the chase of reaching the top. When the G.O.A.T. (DJ AM) is the face of a brand, you know you are holding the Golden Ticket, and why not symbolize a Control Vinyl with an image of the Golden State... California Love!
itsspumoni 11:45 PM - 26 February, 2015
While traveling Europe, I got more flack than anticipated for being American. But once people found out I was from California, I was welcomed with open arms! California saved me from uncomfortable situations and allowed me to make things awkward on my own accord. That's why Cali is my favorite. Thanks Cali!
Cristee 11:48 PM - 26 February, 2015
The weather!!! I love the sun and the summer days. I wouldn't change it for the world! The beach even though is quite the drive it is always well worth it once you arrive. The peacefulness and clarity in the air, the blue sky's. The open and variety of cultures and arts. California has been my home since I was introduced to this world and I couldn't ask for a better place!
Dj JesC 11:51 PM - 26 February, 2015
(insert MJ meme here) I'm just hear to read the comments and see if more cat control vinyl will be released.
Neptune-22 11:52 PM - 26 February, 2015
what is there to love about Cali, Everything! Shout out to the best DJ the Bay Area has produced, the star maker, my DJ, DJ KAOS! he's spinrific :-)
DjFadez 11:53 PM - 26 February, 2015
Walking on hollywood looking at the names on the walk of fame and the beach ;) a lot of booty HAHA lol just trying to be funny good luck everyone !
thetakeover456 11:57 PM - 26 February, 2015
There's so many amazing things I could say about this state... but in the end, I usually summarize it with one sentence:

'I'm not perfect, but California definitely is.'
Anon9mouz 12:01 AM - 27 February, 2015
It's my home where I was born and raised. It's the land of opportunity and dreams. No other state can compare. From weather to women and and the people it's makes what California is today. So many states try to be like California but can't. I love California and always will.
Stay Positive 12:03 AM - 27 February, 2015
The best thing about Cali is the high grade weed we grow here. No one else in the world come close to how much we grow.
unsung hero 12:03 AM - 27 February, 2015
I was born and raised in Monterey Bay and living out there was an amazing feeling like no other mostly cause the music was mixed and heard differently then anywhere else I've been to . From freestyle to hip-hop, rap and also old school it's the vibe that a place with so much love can only provide with its open beaches to its rocky Mountains and it's breath taking valleys.Like the great tupac once said everyone's got California love
BiggTone408 12:05 AM - 27 February, 2015
"Cali is My Home"
The bay area is where I'm rooted from
This place of earthquakes and bright sun
The west coast mecca of djs
Where you'd never see grandmaster Jay

Even when The Fresh Prince came to Bell Air
He knew that hip hop love was in the air
Would I ever leave this place I call home?
Hell no, Cali is my home
d.j prime 12:05 AM - 27 February, 2015
I've lived here my whole life. I've been to alot of places and wouldn't trade cali for any of them. Everything you could possibly want to do is here. Every culture you want to explore is here. The weather is always perfect.where else could you go to the beach in the middle of winter and still go in the water if you wanted to?every kind of food music and style is in California. The parties the clubs the people are some of the best around. There is no place like cali in the world. Not to mention some of the best dj's on the planet. This is why I love California.
Bob-Nice 12:07 AM - 27 February, 2015
Westside Born & Forever Cali. A place where you can snowboard, hit the desert, & make it for sunset @ the beach in the same day. Music, weather, people from all walks of the world. Almost anything is in fashion if you have the balls to rock it. For me it all started @ the Rodium swap meet where I was working with my family & buying all my vinyl from Steve in the record booth. Every penny I made went to Steve. They also had this local crew make mix tapes. A little free style rap then the Dj would mix all the new joints. This crew ended up being NWA.
This is why I Love Cali 12:08 AM - 27 February, 2015
The best thing about Cali. Is SAN DIEGO!!! Enough said!!
trackstar94 12:11 AM - 27 February, 2015
I've been a Californian for 21 years come March. I can tell you that my favorite things about California are the beaches, the sun, the surf, the girls, the night life, the music and entertainment scene, and the overall good vibes you get when you're there. All of these things are great, but they alone are not what makes California special. For me, it's the ability to call myself a Californian that makes the place so special. I like being able to say that I'm a Californian because for me it holds a sense of pride. People all over the world know what and where California is, so it feels great to be someone who was born and raised there. And to be a part of the music scene in California is an honor all in its own.
JonnyD'Lux 12:11 AM - 27 February, 2015
Honestly, it never fails that I'll walk into a bar or club and hear something fresh and new with a fresh Serato DJ doing their thing. We're loaded with talent here in Cali and it always seems like there's an energy... a beat... no matter where you.

Born and raised... and I'll die here too.

Love Cali!

-Jonny D'Lux
Culprit 12:16 AM - 27 February, 2015
what do i love about california?

Me being from Pasadena, California, the city of roses, the people. With your favorite people, you can go from hiking to hitting the beach in a matter of hours. With your favorite people, you will also hit tons of traffic of course. With your favorite people, you can hit Hollywood, then hit downtown Los Angeles in one night. With your favorite people, you got so much great food to try from sushi to Korean BBQ. How about the entertainment? Hit the Whisky for a Mushroom Head show, or hit the Roxy for a Chali 2na event.

California baby :)
Knak 12:18 AM - 27 February, 2015
I'm Canadian but ever since childhood my ultimate dream has been to move to California and produce music in a beach front studio. I would have to say the BEST part about California for me is the huge music scene which we just don't get where I live.

Help keep my ambition alive and strong with a set of these!
dj geoffro 12:19 AM - 27 February, 2015
Ltalken 12:21 AM - 27 February, 2015
I just moved to Los Angeles 5 months ago upon graduating from a university in Arizona. I grew up in Southern California and it's good to be back! I moved here to live near my girlfriend, but it's also nice to be at the heart of the entertainment industry in such an influential city. So far, my favorite thing about LA has been all of the fun activities we've managed to fit into these past months: from movies to live music to stand-up comedy, LA has so many events to offer. Plus we've been to Disneyland 4 times now for free, thanks to my girlfriend working at Disney :D
speck216 12:23 AM - 27 February, 2015
I'm a Mid-West Kid who lives in Central-California. For as long as I could remember I wanted to live on the West Coast. I even joined the Military to do so.

Moving forward, California is what I call the "Perfect Storm." From the weather to the women to the weed, California is the best. With that being said, the music is what keeps California, California. The West Coast sound is unmatched in any genre of music, Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, hell even country music gets broke here first!
unsung hero 12:28 AM - 27 February, 2015
I was born and raised in Monterey Bay. Living out there was a feeling like no other. The music was and is mixed and heard differently than anywhere else I've been to. From freestyle to hip-hop, rap and also old school, it's the vibe that a place with so much love can only provide. With its open beaches to its rocky mountains and its breathtaking valleys, like the great Tupac once said "everyone's got California love."
Dj Who (AUS) 12:36 AM - 27 February, 2015
People have been telling me that if I ever go to California, that would not want to go back home.

I have been to California twice. The first time was for a Black Friday sale.. boy that was intense! This coming from a Sydney sider with our Boxing Day sale! The second time was more memorable than the first. I got to dj at a nightclub (The Federal Bar, Long Beach) a few weeks back (7th Feb). It was one of the best experiences to ever happen to me as a DJ. It's like unlocking a major achievement in my dj career.

And yes coming home was a bit hard but now I can call California my second home. It's music, culture, lifestyle, is unmatched.

It would be awesome if I win this little contest as this CV will commemorate my first EVER LA gig!
Jerry.Z. 12:36 AM - 27 February, 2015
G - Funk Music
Backyard Bbq's
Low Riders
Summer time all the time
djdarizo 12:38 AM - 27 February, 2015
What isn't there to love bout California???? We got many legend here from tupac to Mac dre.. Both northern Cali and southern Cali!!! We got the best party!! Music all around from edc happen in la to coachella... Not to mention we got Dj qbert who always killing it on the turntablism era... California knows how to party!!! And I can't forget the weather and beaches even for winter people we got heavenly which got the best scenery for snowboarding!!!
OG Redeemed 12:40 AM - 27 February, 2015
California; a place like no other. People from different walks in life, music of every genre, large industrial cities and small farm towns, home to the Hollywood walk of stars, the Golden Gate Bridge, wine country, and coastal living like no other. In my travels from coast to coast, I've never experienced a place like California, my home!
politik 12:42 AM - 27 February, 2015
California is literally gold. Every part of the world knows about California or something from it. Whether its the palms trees and cinema from socal, the technology innovation and progressive laws of nor cal, - California has made its imprint in every part of the world. And if u visit the Bay Area and So Cal, you will see every part of the world here from the people to the food. We grow cultures, create cultures and blend cultures together. People initially came here for the gold, but what they didnt find, they created and that's what California is today.
djdeuce2 12:44 AM - 27 February, 2015
Dj Deuce reppin Sactown but live in Orlando, Fl now. Born in the Bay Area and has also lived in Long Beach and Sacramento. I rep Cali even out here in Orlando. The floridians love my Cali slang and ask tons of questions about California. We have the best weather, scenery and overall lifestyle. Plus the best djs come from Cali. Dj Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, Beat Junkies, Triple Threat Djs and Dj AM (RIP). The West Coast is the best coast!!
Dj Nyce 12:45 AM - 27 February, 2015
I'm goin' back to Cali, risin', surprisin'
Advisin' realizin', she's sizin' me up
Her bikini small, heels tall
She said...she liked...the ocean
She showed me a beach, gave me a peach
And pulled out the suntan lotion

User 1664377 12:45 AM - 27 February, 2015
I was born and raised in California and have traveled all over this great state. I woke up one morning and went surfing. Then a friend called before noon and said lets go for a night snowboarding session. I accepted the invitation. Soon as he got to my house he had his dirt bike in the back of his truck. I suggested we should go straight to the desert after snowboarding to ride our dirt bikes. We both agreed that we would camp that night in the desert and ride in the morning. I vividly remember telling him on our way home from the desert the next afternoon, "I surfed, snowboarded and rode my dirt bike all within 24 hours. What other state can you do that in?" That is why I think this state is just one of the reason's why it's so appealing to everyone.
Divine Struggle 12:51 AM - 27 February, 2015
What I love about Cali is the history and diversity of the music scene. Going from pop to gangsta rap to E-40 to hyphy to the current mainstream. There is nothing like Cali!
DJ FIEND 12:56 AM - 27 February, 2015
Serato made CV about us nuff said haha
No but I was born and raised in Cali traveled all over I must say we are the most diversed state in the US. We have every geographical climate and terrain around from deserts to mountains, beaches to Forrests, cities to little po dunk hick towns. And it's people are just as diverse just like music and djing. And that's what it's all about taking that diversification and blending it together to make one produce unity and harmony a love for all. Just like music. Just like Serato. Just like DJing. Just like Cali. You have bloods,crips, cholos, north, south, cowboys,valley girls, Silicon Valley computer nerds and genius. We have the best food the best weed (not a conosuier) but hits because of our rich soil great climate in Northern California. We have every crop imaginable we can grow anything in our state. We have amazing resources. We can survive as our own country (not politically) but economically in resources. A huge range of diverse musical talent. Wine that rates as high if not higher than some great wineries in France and other parts of the world, once again due to our climate and conditions. We have Hollywood, Gold great good due to culture. I can go on forever I love California and all it's people maybe that's way everyone in history wants to move out west and call Cali it's home. Good luck everyone it would be cool to win I already own a set and love them thank you serato and California I hope these records find there way to a good home because it's an honor to call California my home and for serato to acknowledge this state with this hella sick (slang that's another thing to add to the list) set of control vinyl peace and respect
djkurve 1:00 AM - 27 February, 2015
In-N-Out Burger! Hands down!!!
DJZobe 1:38 AM - 27 February, 2015
Best things about CA is the good weather, diversity of people, diverse food selections, the vibrant music and art scene.

In connection with CA and Serato this is my story...
I remember attending the Serato/Rane and Vinyl Kombat DJ competition clinic in SF with DJ A-Trak demoing Serato Scratch Live 1 in 2004 at SF's Guitar Center when it was on Mission St. A-Trak did this Eminem/Jay-Z "Renegade" beat juggle routine with one control vinyl and one regular vinyl. Blew my mind and peaked my interest in the possibilities of the technology. Saved up some $ from gigs and soon I got my own Serato Scratch Live 1 and have been using it for my gigs ever since to this day.
KarbonSOUNDZ 1:54 AM - 27 February, 2015
For me the best thing in California next to the expansive coastline and well tanned women, are hundreds of abandoned mines, a Bunny Museum in LA, the Banana Museum near San Diego, Dragon Sculptures on the desert (must see), a Bottle Tree Ranch on Route 66 (also a must see), and endless of off beat places for you to visit.
andrew b 1:56 AM - 27 February, 2015
the best thing about california is SILICON VALLEY. All the dot coms being in one place, it is the epicenter of technology… and the place where apple was born, google, and a number of other amazing companies that we use everyday that we take for granted. without this place, the world would be very different.
DJ Ammunition 1:56 AM - 27 February, 2015
California... Home of the OG West Coast HipHop! Pioneers of the DJ game as well! Awesome scenery!
Halo203 2:09 AM - 27 February, 2015
I moved to Cali about 2 years ago to make my living as a DJ; I knew nothing about Cali except that my sister had been living in SF for 10 years and touring. Moved to Oakland and less than a month after had my 1st weekly and have grown exponentially from there. Cali djs are some of the most supportive heads I have ever met and I couldn't have been able to make my way out here without having those great relationships through music. Cali has been the best, if a bit arbitrary in impetus, move I have made in my life. Cali has allowed me to further my style and voice as a dj and play it out like nowhere else I have been a resident. Thank you California.
Gjose 2:32 AM - 27 February, 2015
The sun ,the girls and the weed
DEE JAY 360 2:54 AM - 27 February, 2015
California is the state where the DJ's play
Birthplace of Too-$hort and NWA
No other can compare
Though it may not be fair
Hollywood to Sacramento you will get the glare
To be specific the Pacific is the water off the coast
Sunshine and pretty women
Cali has the most
Do you remember Confunkshun
Huey Newton and the Panthers?
Chuey Gomez, DJ Qbert, and Sway with all the answers
Mixmaster Mike, Short Kut and Scratch Piklz
Ice Cube and Ice-T, cool as Ice Cicles
Rest In Peace to Eazy-E, Mac Dre, and the JACKA
Make your way to Beverly Hills if you want to spot a famous actor
From the southern Cali desert
To the wine in the Napa Valley
From the Golden Gate Bridge
To the darkest Cali alley
The love is real, see this is how I feel
I moved away to Atlanta
But, I'm reppin' Cali still!!
lyriks 3:02 AM - 27 February, 2015
Simple...the Cali Weed of course!
lyriks 3:06 AM - 27 February, 2015
See it's all about the cheddar, nobody do it better
Going back to Cali, strictly for the weather
Women, and the weed -- sticky green
No seeds bitch please! - Biggie
IGot2Tables 3:25 AM - 27 February, 2015
Growing up in New York I was able to meet many different DJs throughout the east coast. When I was given the opportunity to travel to California and spin, my first thought was, man I'm going to show them how we rock on the east coast. My first night there I hit the clubs to check out some of the local dj's. The way they controlled the floor, the music that was being played, the overall vibes of the room had me feeling like I was in a different country. I thought I was going to Cali to teach them something..but in the end i was the one walking away with a whole new way of thinking. That one experience in california made me the dj I am today.
TJ-Soundz 3:27 AM - 27 February, 2015
Two things I love about California!

840 mile coastline means that it's impossible in California ever to be surrounded entirely by assholes.

Organic legal pot! When you buy bud there you are not supporting international drug cartels.

djrandm 3:38 AM - 27 February, 2015
Alright.. I'll try and keep it simple and to the point. I live in San Pedro.. City of Los Angeles and the weather is my favorite part about Cali, along with the beaches and the local mountains in the winter; and the beat scene; and the food; basically being so close to top notch surf and snow and music all then time.. Where we going tonight?!?!
AddamXavier 3:40 AM - 27 February, 2015
For me California is where the most diverse music comes from. Whether it's Hip-hop (Jurassic 5) and turntablism (DJ Shadow/Qbert) or rock (Red Hot Chili Peppers) or punk (Humble Gods) or anything in between.

So much of my favorite music comes from there.

Without Cali, Ii would have never been as interested in music and I wouldn't have gotten into DJing or poked around with production without that state called California.
DjIsaacG 3:43 AM - 27 February, 2015
One of the best states in the USA. You can go from the mountains to the beach. Some biggest city's from San Fran, LA, Sac Town, and San Diego. Has multiple NFL Teams, NBA, and MLB teams. There is always some to do in this State. In the words of Tupac and Dr. Dre it's all about California Love!!!
dj-freestyle 3:49 AM - 27 February, 2015
That's so easy Serato's vinyl pressing plant is in California snd to us cv collectors that's the holy land :)
Clarktonystark 4:02 AM - 27 February, 2015
I gots this saucy lil' tender
Baby bad to the bone
Disrespect lil' mama best to know it be on
I go hard for baby girl
I can't help but to dig her
A lil' jealous cause I know she got more than one nigga
The way I figure its cool if you're treatin' her right
You best be suckin' her, fuckin' her, and eatin' her right
You want the truth
I done bust shots for baby before
For niggaz neglectin' and disrespectin' my ho
"Hell no! You lost your mind? Is y'all crazy?"
This is my bitch, I love her, and she havin' my babies
We been together since the top
When I was jockin' the corners
Was only 10 when I met my lil' friend California
Stumbled up one her when I was like ridin' my bike
Come to find out, Cali gets live at night
She hang wit Bay boys
And bangers called Crips and Bloods
She taught me how to hustle sellin' dimes and dubs
We made love on the daily
I was payin' her dues
Cali taught me the game
But Cali changed the rules
Confused, I never knew better
Used to sweat her for cheddar
She seduced me, and used me, from the day that I met her
She had me body guardin'
And I'm jump-startin', and I'm drive bying' and dischargin'
High speed chasin', false statements to the sergeant
I was so young and so dumb
The time, had no funds
But fuckin' wit young Cali
I got more dope and more guns
Put me on her turf and made me hustle for her trap money
Whispered in my ear "If you do good I'll give you rap money"
Sat me down one night so she can whip me wit some game
Gave me pen and pad, equipped me wit some slang
Told me that I'd write about the life that she had laid out
Keep her name alive
And make sure she never played out
Represent that place where we met on that Cali corner
Let the world know I got a thang for Mrs. California
-Nobody said it better then Diggs, i Love Caliofornia For its Music, Mac Dre and Tupac to name a few.-Clark Williams
LP33 4:19 AM - 27 February, 2015
That California Love. Waves of green. Dreaming of that west coast vibe.
Dexnitionofi 4:21 AM - 27 February, 2015
California vvvvvvvvvibess sounds of the CALI UNDERGROUND NWA And the BEAR BOOTAYYY!!!!
Roland Blunts 4:36 AM - 27 February, 2015
Been to places far and near but my bein born and raised in CA there's nothing better. No transplant here! Home sweet home. The music, the beer, the weather, the herbs, the food. CA ALL DAY!
DEEJAY DANNY 408 4:56 AM - 27 February, 2015
I love California for many reasons. The music is the best from rap to trap. Like 2pac said California knows how to party and I agree. The greatest rappers come from California for example Dr. Dre snoop dogg 2pac(rip) nwa and way more. But California has the greatest places to be like the Bay Area is very fun. And has the best hyphie music.I could keep going on and on but imma stop here. And may the odds be with us.
William Caldwell 5:07 AM - 27 February, 2015
The thing I love about California is that there's no other place like it on earth!!! Vibes, styles, people. So much versatility and positivity, oh and the music. Left coast is where it's at!!!!!!
Steve E Wunda 5:24 AM - 27 February, 2015
The California Soul is the best thing about California
DjNicole 5:34 AM - 27 February, 2015
There is alot of beautiful culture in Cali, I love being in a place that welcomes diversity and the creativity that comes with. Expression in music, food, art you name it! It's an amazing place to experience and I'm glad to be living in it. <3
Dj Epic1983 5:59 AM - 27 February, 2015
First of all I'm from from the u.s.v.i raised in New York now live in California!
California is the only place you can do things you like to do in the summer spring winter and fall all in one day!
As for the music California has a wide culture of people and music not to mention sum big ass trees lol
I can go on and on but I think you got the point!
Dj JesC 5:59 AM - 27 February, 2015
Why I love Cali? Cause they have NAMM here
komasound 6:25 AM - 27 February, 2015
It is one of the only places in the world you can snowboard and surf in the same day.

The music, OG Kush and the weather aren't bad either.
danielthewave 8:54 AM - 27 February, 2015
Cali has been the first state I travelled through during my first visit of the US. The landscape and the people impressed me and i eventually ended up studying in the Staates.

The Great State of Cali - everything that needs to be said:
Dusti Finga 10:04 AM - 27 February, 2015
Attitude. California has always been a shining oasis of alternative lifestyle and the antidote to a SOMETIMES staid and backward thinking country. And People Under The Stairs.
AlphaMnM 10:23 AM - 27 February, 2015
First, I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca. My family has always been close to nature and the ocean. I was introduced to djing ever since I can first remember my dad. He's been djing for 20+ years now. California is my home. It's history is unprecedented. The deep Spanish roots of Southern California resonate throughout the culture. The most important part is the media, especially music. Californian history of music can be defined as culturally stimulating. Spanning from rap to R&B, it can be said that mainstream music today was drastically impacted by the minds of californians. Even though much of these forms of music and entertainment were created in other areas, they were perfected in California. The beaches, mountains, and social life are just added bonuses to such a diverse region. Overall, California itself is the same as many other states. But the thing that makes it stand out is the people, ideas and culture that are created within it. And I think that what makes California truly great is the ability to find breathtaking landscapes with friends and family, accompanied by a chill soundtrack and bombin' food.
Mar10 McFly 12:37 PM - 27 February, 2015
The Golden State.

San Francisco,
The Golden Gate.

Los Angeles,
The Santa Monica Pier.

San Diego,
The best locally produced beer.

Pacific Ocean,
The sea breeze.

Kendrick Lamar,
Money Trees.


California Love,
2Pac and Dr. Dre.
K_EMs 12:47 PM - 27 February, 2015
Callifornia, its a place of music and diversity, it is the worlds hub for most modern fashion and music trends to come into the public eye. To me California is a place my family came from, I made my way there in 2008 for Coachella Music Festival. Also made my way through San Bernardino where my family once lived. Alot has changed since they moved to Canada but this is what California is to me is music and family. If I could ever bring my family back I would. Either way California is a beautiful place with a beautiful landscape there is no other place on earth like it.
j 1:04 PM - 27 February, 2015
One word. C A L I F O N I A C A T I O N 👍

California, land of the gold
To all my fellow djs behold.

Diversity and culture runs the state.
While you sit back at night and sort out your crate.

Im writing this poem on a plane thinking how can I rock another state.
But deep down. Going back to Cali is where I create.
kenfuji 3:02 PM - 27 February, 2015
Invisible Skratch Pickles, Beat Junkies and all the Badass turntablists out in Cali is reason enough. now give me that Vinyl!
Rick1781 3:43 PM - 27 February, 2015
I was born and raised in California, LA to be exact! The numbers 1781 in my handle is the year Los Angeles was founded as a city. To put it simply, from the mountains to sea, there is no place I would rather be! The collection of people make it such an amazing place. To visitors, locals may sometimes have a bit of an attitude. Maybe this quote from TuPac will help people understand Angelenos.
" I love Cali like I love women, cause every n*#% in LA got a little bit a thug in em" That LA swagger and pride is world recognized!

That is why I love my City and State!
Isnogood 4:19 PM - 27 February, 2015
California what the fuck, i don´t care...
just like that cute teddy bear...
DJ Spinsane 4:35 PM - 27 February, 2015
Best thing about Cali are the beaches by far, the waves and the people you get to see there is the most inspiring thing on this Earth. Lovely women everywhere, good vibes, and some of the best tasting food that has ever existed!
Jockj5 4:59 PM - 27 February, 2015
I named my son Bruin...East Coast living...West Coast loyal!
Cella 6:42 PM - 27 February, 2015
California is about that feeling you just can't find anywhere else. That feeling, that vibe, is difficult to describe. It's something in the air, the land and the water that influences people in a special way. Their ideas, their language and their style have California written all over them. The rest of the world follows the vibe, but they won't ever know it unless they experience it for themselves. There's many beautiful, inspiring places on this planet, but for me California has created the memories that I hold closest to my heart. When I try to explain why, my words come out a bit shallow and cliché which makes me understand that California is about more than what meets the eye. At the end of a good day whether in San Diego or LA, Sacramento or the Bay or Big Sur and Monterey, that satisfaction I feel might just be the result of what's best described as simply California love.
walkerrod 6:44 PM - 27 February, 2015
Cali has always been known as the land of diversity. From the Pacific to Europe to the Mediterranean, it houses some of the best cultures the world has to offer.

In the past, many have viewed New York as the center of musical culture, but Cali has so much more to offer.

It possesses the famed beaches in the south, the diverse bay area, valleys brimming with every nationality and mountains filled with wonder.

There's no other place one could be to experience the greatness of this nation, the melodious sounds of diversity and the booming acceptance of races and nationalities.

Cali is THE place to be!
SHARPSHOOTERZ 7:20 PM - 27 February, 2015
Nik Muzka 7:32 PM - 27 February, 2015
My favourite thing about California is that even though a time travelling cyborg once was back in time to destroy the saviour of mankind they can forgive this little blip and accept him as their governor. The rest of the world could learn from their generosity.
DJ Vic Nasty 9:28 PM - 27 February, 2015
Capitol Records Building, Palm Trees, Venice Beach, Coastal Highways, Coronado Bay, Low Riders, Fabulous and Celebrity Mansions, Exotic Cars, Women, Surfing, Joshua Trees, Coachella, Napa Valley, Hollywood, In & Out, Pinky's, Lakers, Warriors, Raiders, Chargers, Padres, Dodgers, Kings, Angels, A's, Giants, Clippers, Trojans, Bruins, Bears, Rose Bowl and Vegas is only a hour and a half away on a low traffic sunny day!
Oper-8 9:38 PM - 27 February, 2015
My all-time favourite is California Soul !
DJ MPA 1:31 AM - 28 February, 2015
Being born in the late 70's, I'm lucky to have been born in raised in Cali. I caught the ending of the funk era and grew up in the beginning of the rise of Gangster Rap! During the 80’s, different types of music styles were finding its way onto radio stations throughout the southland. Bleeding into the 90's, R&B, house, and dance, flooded the air ways! Stations played so many styles of music; it made the Cali music lifestyle as eclectic as any where in the world!

As for me, Djing came alive late in my life! It wasn't until I heard DJ AM for the first time that I heard ONE person play all different types of different music in one set! I believe he was one of the inventors of the mash ups and his style was unmatched to anyone! He blended 80's with 90's vocal, took top 40 and blended them with Reggae and Rap instrumentals! And hearing this blew my mind! He embodied Cali music life, which was, “enjoy the ride of the different styles of music”. To me, he was a true artist and in each and every one of my sets, I cant but thank DJ AM for inspiring me to always remember my Cali style!

RAWivy 8:53 PM - 28 February, 2015
California has always been my home, Los Angeles to be specific. I get to experience different cultures through out the city whether it be in the valley, beaches, mountains or local cities. Cali Culture and Music inspires me to continue to play with VINYL, it has always been my passion"I WOULD NOT WANT TO LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE" Los Angeles, California 90744
VJ MAIKOL Q. 1:14 AM - 1 March, 2015
In Los Angeles you can find all beaches
Malibu, Santa Barbara, Venice, and the most popular Santa Monica, is not the prettiest but it is the most visited.
We amusement parks, such as spas
Raging Water, Wild Rivers, Sock City, and Universal Studios.
Strong emotions such as Notts Berry Farms, the Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, which also has places to get wet.
If you like to know about the galaxy have the observatory in the Griffit Park which is one of the largest in California.
Or if you like nature is Lake Isabela which is fed by a wild river, Yosemite Park or prefer this to 4-5 hours of Los Angeles is the largest and most beautiful I have ever visited, exposing yourself to be devoured by a bear's why I prefer to have the bear on my wall
deepraker 3:19 AM - 1 March, 2015
California, 10 letters, 1 word, 1 land
New Zealand, 10 letters, 2 words, 2 islands

10000 Km between you and me
you're not so far away from me

sometimes I wish I could drift towards you
and merge to become a continent with you

but nothing makes the world so great
than to have you so far away my mate

maybe you think i'm a gangsta
i'm just your lil' sista

DEEJAY DANNY 408 4:33 AM - 1 March, 2015
I love Cali also for the bay it's as great as LA it's has great rappers and vibe like e 40 too short hbk gang (rip) mac dre and Tha jacka and more it's styles are great too like hyphy 🙏
easy Dough scratch 9:14 PM - 1 March, 2015
As I am livin in Germany and so 9000 kilometers away from California I feel more than proud that I had was able to DJ my favorite part of the world twice already. Even though the dancefloor was never really that packed I definetely felt the magic and the vibe this beautiful place owns. Goose bumps for sure. California stands for music evolution like nothing else! I felt like a rock star. Cali is always worth to visit and guarenteed for your best time of the year!
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 9:15 PM - 1 March, 2015
Winners chosen!

Nik Muzka

Nik Muzka 9:41 PM - 1 March, 2015

Thank you
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 10:12 PM - 1 March, 2015
Eddie from our team will DM all the winners to arrange delivery of your vinyl :)
DEEJAY DANNY 408 10:15 PM - 1 March, 2015
Wait I thought winners were announced tomorrow?
BiggTone408 10:29 PM - 1 March, 2015
DJ Spinsane 11:23 PM - 1 March, 2015
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 3:56 AM - 2 March, 2015
"We'll pick our favourite responses on Monday 2nd March (NZST) and you'll win."

New Zealand Standard Time :)
Rekkon 3:59 AM - 2 March, 2015
I <3 CALI because i used to spend summers there from the east parents are divorced and I spent summers with my mom.
The record stores up and down the coast , Amoeba, rasputins, and all of the small Indy ones (my fav). Not like the east coast );

Oh and because the bay are had some of the best scratch DJS in the world during the golden age...... qbert, mix master........ sorry New york there was a special flare the bay area had!!!!!

Please pick me, I love CALI because it reminds me of my Mom, music and the reason why I love serato!!!!
The Pheonix 8:04 AM - 2 March, 2015
In my opinion i love california because well california is california [generally]. Theres so much you can do and be in this beautiful state and the beauty of that is that the oppurtinities and chances here in california are truly endless. No matter what in california there is nothing that can hold you back and i mean nothing with whatever him/her would ever pursue, education, show business, "MUSIC", anything. California is truly magnificent because no matter what this state will always be full of never ending possibilities.
- The Pheonix
2vic1 4:38 PM - 2 March, 2015
California love, California wow Hip hop, Rap and rock grow up on west cost where 100 cultures making a nation, long Beach, down town and hollywood there is more licor stores that buildings in New York,
If I pass by South Central hablo español
If I don"t want to sleep to San Francisco going
If I mention all the places i could never end
But I most like is my diverse friends
But to have one of those Serato California pack in my hands it will make me feel great
tahks for reading this and have a good day.
Evillincoln 9:45 PM - 2 March, 2015
As a transplant here I can honestly say that I meet lots of people from other places.
I think what I love most though is the fact that the people FROM Cali tend to be the most genuine. That says a lot about the state.
da H.N.I.C. dj Twomp 12:31 AM - 3 March, 2015
C. Countless Control Vinyl Cuts
A. Always Awesome Weather
L. Luxurious Laidback Lifestyle
I. Ingenious Innovative Institutions
F. Fancy Fresh Faders
O. Original Outstanding Overachievers
R. Real Regulators (shout out to dj Warren G)
N. Notoriously Naughty 😁
I. Imaginative Imagery everywhere
A. Amazing Artist found here

So great they tried to make us Two States.... Cali
Nik Muzka 10:29 AM - 3 March, 2015
hi guys,

when are winners notified?

killashark23 12:59 AM - 4 March, 2015
If you haven't been to Cali what are you waiting for? Born and raised in San Jose, Cali Since 83. Close to San Francisco Bay, you cant go wrong from beaches to bridges we have it all here. Even if your trying to get exposure somewhere in California you cant go wrong, From LA To the bottom of San Diego to The top of Weed city.... yea Weed city (look it up) everyone is koo af here. If your lucky you might even get to run into a one of your famous dj's out from Cali, Qbert, Mix master mike, Dj Mustard, Dj dwreck, Dj shadow, skrillex... the list goes on.. California is One of the best states to live in, I'm glad i was born and raised here, couldnt imagine being anywhere else.
DJ MPA 11:46 PM - 5 March, 2015
WOW! Thanks Serato! I will celebrate this weekend by going to see Skratch Bastid in LA!

How will I be notified?
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 1:51 AM - 6 March, 2015
Eddie from HQ should DM you to your account :)

You seeing Bastid at Short Stop? We're trying to swing through too hopefully!
DJ MPA 5:31 AM - 6 March, 2015
Samuel, Yes I am trying get out the the LA show. First time there and he said his set is around 11:30-12 some time.
DJ MPA 8:39 PM - 9 March, 2015
Samuel, Eddie has still not gotten back to me?
djkurve 3:36 AM - 10 March, 2015
For all yinz CV collectors out there that didn't win (like myself) I got you covered!
BiggTone408 7:52 AM - 10 March, 2015
For all yinz CV collectors out there that didn't win (like myself) I got you covered!

"Set 4 pair pack" ?
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 4:20 PM - 10 March, 2015
Samuel, Eddie has still not gotten back to me?

Have you checked your email also?

djkurve 5:11 PM - 10 March, 2015
For all yinz CV collectors out there that didn't win (like myself) I got you covered!

"Set 4 pair pack" ?

da H.N.I.C. dj Twomp 3:51 PM - 31 March, 2015
Rats.... I Posted mine too late i guess... i didnt know it was New Zeland time.... check guess being in cali didnt help lol
aprilrussell 3:13 AM - 28 November, 2017
I think one of the more underrated features. Helps when you're playing with other DJs to make sure you don't double dip on tracks. Also for reviewing sets and preparing better crates for future gigs. A+!
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