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Auto reset fx

AndreaRiello 4:25 PM - 15 December, 2014
Is possible to add a feature like "Auto reset FX" when load a new track on the deck?
DJwhizkid 5:17 PM - 15 December, 2014
What do you mean? reset what exactly?
AndreaRiello 10:47 PM - 15 December, 2014
Sorry....when the user load a new track on the deck, if has forget switch On a fx , the fx switch automatic goes in off..... i know...this is probably only a my problem :-) Excuse me for the bad english..
DJwhizkid 12:24 AM - 16 December, 2014
Ohhh, you mean turn off all of the effects on a certain deck when a new track is loaded.
Can be a nice behavior to choose on the settings panel.
vjMeely 12:39 AM - 28 October, 2017
I finally have a fix for this. Its almost ready. Its in testing now. Track the following thread if you want to know when I announce it.