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I cannot load FLAC files.

mcfrede 11:48 PM - 29 November, 2014
Sorry for the "noob" question, but the manual for Serato DJ Intro states it supports FLAC files, but I cannot get it to load any of my tracks. MP3's load just fine, but with 300+ GB's worth of music I would hate to be forced into converting it all to MP3 or some other format.
What am I doing wrong?

Initial searches did not get me anywhere, but if you can link me on to a solution that would also be great.
mcfrede 8:59 PM - 2 December, 2014
For what it is worth I installed the Serato DJ Trial and it handles FLAC files just fine.
If the "Intro" software does not support FLAC then why is it stated in the manual?

Has anyone had any success with the Serato Intro and FLAC files?
ARSCHGESICHT 11:17 PM - 22 August, 2017
same here - very frustrating
Alkerion 3:09 PM - 3 December, 2017
Hi !

Same here, I can't import and play Flac files, very frustrating.

Flac support as been removed from Version 1.3 manual.

It's a shame !
easy1234 4:46 PM - 9 December, 2017
I really don't get why they don't support all file types, pretty poor actually.
max_cooper 11:17 AM - 18 December, 2017
Hey guys !

I cannot play FLAC files neither.

So if i understand well, you have to purchase the paid version to be able to play this kind of files ?

What a shameee
DansHampf 4:25 PM - 15 January, 2018
Did they really just stripped Intro of flac support? What a dick move tbh... Didnt need the full version, as im just toying around with it, but now i think im gonna look around for another software that doesnt do this kind of stuff...
max_cooper 7:59 AM - 16 January, 2018
I confirm, I purchased the full version few days ago and you can load FLAC files !
kashm1r 2:59 PM - 28 January, 2018
Why would I buy software from people who practice this kind of anti-consumer behavior? It doesn't cost Serato anything to have the .flac support in the intro... My whole music library is .flac so what a nice surprise to see that I can't play any of it without converting :) Way to go, Serato, amazing job. I'll just go somewhere else.