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How to avoid "no compatible Dj device detected" window at startup?

pueblofunky 10:43 AM - 29 November, 2014
On my home PC I want to start Serato DJ (1.7.1) and always get the message window "no compatible Dj device detected" on the right, then I have to click the "Online" button to close it.

How can I avoid this on my home PC?

When I manage my music library I don't need this "daily" message - no mixer etc. is turned on - not needed.

I only have another external sound card which I use with my headphone.

Davideon 1:00 PM - 29 November, 2014
pueblofunky 1:18 PM - 29 November, 2014
Thanks for your reply BBD - but this was not my question.

This articles handles "Having a hard time getting your controller to connect using Windows? Follow the troubleshooting steps below to get up and running."

I don't have troubles to connect the Serato hardware. I don't turn all the things (mixer, etc.) always "on" .. saving power and money.

I don't want to get the info/warning when I start Serato DJ when I only want to sort out my music library with the single player.

Maybe it is possible to start the program with a parameter to avoid this step?
Serato, Forum Moderator
Michael R 4:33 AM - 1 December, 2014
Hi pueblofunky,

Try this:

1. Connect your hardware (you can skip this step if you have a Serato DJ license).
2. Open the Online panel.
3. Click the "do not show again" check box.
4. Close the Online panel.

It will now not always open in offline mode.

pueblofunky 6:13 AM - 1 December, 2014
Hi Michael,

I don't have a Serato DJ hardware at home. The DJM 900 SRT is in my resident club only.

At home I still have a SL1 and SSL due the fact SDJ 1.7.1 (& .2) still doesn't have the readable font as SSL (no reason why this has changed in SDJ and why there is no option after using SSL for many years and no one had a problem with the normal font). Until SDJ supports the same font as SSL the SL4 hardware can get only cheaper. ;-)

I only turn on SDJ and run the analyzing.

Without hardware it would be nice to press ONLINE (what I do at home) and also get the question "do now show again".

However - thanks a lot for the info when I would buy SL4, etc. I would have the option to click it away for ever.
Serato, Forum Moderator
Michael R 4:16 AM - 3 December, 2014
Hi pueblofunky,

I don't have a Serato DJ hardware at home. The DJM 900 SRT is in my resident club only.

You can do this when you are connected to the DJM-900SRT (although I do understand you are probably more focused on DJing at the club than opening the online window :).

SDJ 1.7.1 (& .2) still doesn't have the readable font as SSL

To better understand your issue, are you saying that you don't like the font and that makes it unreadable, or that the font doesn't display correctly?
pueblofunky 7:32 AM - 3 December, 2014
Hi Michael,

I can not connect / transfer my home PC to the DJM-900SRT into the club. This would mean I would have to take a "big" machine - I would be the laughingstock #1. ;-)

For DJing I use my laptop!

Regarding the font. Displays correctly. I mean the bolder characters:

It might be useful for people in the club to have a better readabilty (although I don't need/want it) or people who don't have good eyes but when I (with good eyes) sort out my library (I get a lot of CDs from 80-90 daily) at home on the desk - on a 24" - the screen is full of information and all in "bolder" font. Unreadable and you get a headache after some time.

Compare it with a newspaper if all articles would be only written in bold font. Who can read this? Also your forum here has a normal font and not the bolder font (thanks) by default - but could be changed by users in good browsers or in the operating system to bold if they want & need!) !

For years SSL has this nice font (that's why I still prefer it) and there was never a change all the time.

What was the trigger to change the font in SDJ permanently and without a decision possibilty by the customers/users/djs to use the same font as in SSL which they have used for years? Why is in SDJ no option implented from scratch as a feature - normal font as in SSL or the newer bolder font like now in SDJ?

If there would be an option I can/will swap to SDJ and buy a new hardware (still have SL1 at home) (finally this would resolve the initial problem too). The other missing things in offline player of SDJ which SSL had is not nice but bearable.

Thanks a lot.
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 9:24 AM - 3 December, 2014
Hey Pueblofunky,

Not sure if this is exactly what you are after but you can actually zoom in and out on the library text size by pressing ctrl + & - (this is for mac there is a similar function on windows but I am home right now and can't check for you ;) if you need the windows shortcut check the tooltip menu (top right hand corner - letter i inside the circle) and you will find it there, that should help reading it. Does that help? Or is it the font itself you find hard to read?


pueblofunky 10:05 AM - 3 December, 2014
you can actually zoom in and out on the library text size by pressing ctrl + & -

Hi Jason,

this is not what I want - I want the "normal" font as in SSL - not the bold font.

Or lets say - the current used font in SDJ is hard to read. The font is SSL was much better readable.

Zooming in + but does not change the font between normal and bold. It makes the characters bigger or smaller.

Please open SDJ + SSL - (one left, one right) set the same font size and compare it. Then you hopefully see the font difference. :-)

However - you can download 4 screenshots here:

which includes

SDJ with font size 1
SDJ with font size 2
SSL with font size 1
SSL with font size 2

Permanently reading the bolder font is really exhausting.

Please make an option in the next release to get the font of SSL back into SDJ.

The background black/grey in SDJ against the separating lines in SSL can be discussed in another thread and is also a show-stopper to switch to SDJ (and finally buy a new hardware). ;-)
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 7:25 PM - 3 December, 2014
Hi pueblofunky,

I had a feeling this might be what you were meaning but thought I would let you know that option incase that helped ^_^

Thanks for the feedback, I think the best bet to getting this attended to is putting your suggestions into our feature request area of the forum, it is monitored more closely by our Products team and is also a great place to rally support for your cause. You can create a thread for each of your suggestions and other users can discuss and bump it, you can find that forum area here;

Thanks for reaching out to us! We appreciate the feedback :)