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I need help to set up serato dj and traktor.

Jorge Sotomayor 5:19 AM - 13 September, 2014
Hey guys, I'm a serato dj user and I'm going to dj back to back with a friend who plays with traktor. We want to do 3 songs each and so on in a 2 hour set. Our set up is 2 cdjs 1000 mk3s, pioneer ddj-sx (using it as a stand alone 4 channel mixer), 1 Rane SL3, 1 MacBook Pro running Serato DJ 1.7, serato time coded CDs, 1 Laptop PC running traktor, Native instruments Audio 4 DJ sound card. Your help is much appreciated.
Davideon 7:02 AM - 13 September, 2014
I don't think serato time code cds can be used with traktor.

Might be easier to use the sx as a controller with SDJ, and the cdj s with traktor some how routing to channels 3&4 of the sx?
Jorge Sotomayor 5:04 PM - 13 September, 2014
Yes. Of course. Thank U for your reply.