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Interview with Jazzy Jay at NAMM 2009

3:30 AM, 24 Feb 2009
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SiRocket 3:58 PM - 24 February, 2009
Great video, very professional and thorough! Definitely love the artist line-up that support the product(s) and continue to keep it the #1 professional choice. Keep it up guys/gals, and no auto-mix!!!!

ThAt DiGitAL kiD 11:49 PM - 26 February, 2009
Props to the ol' school dj's....especially Jazzy Jay, one of the originators.
Without people like him, there wouldn't be people like me.

There is no other dj tool like serato out there....

I am a user...and will stay true to Rane products.


That Digital Kid
G-Smoov 11:04 AM - 26 March, 2009
Thanks Jazzy Jay you are a true legend and much respect to you.
I'm an user of Scratch Live and I've been DJing for over twenty five years. This product has raised my performance to an unreal level. DJing for me is fun again because I can bring all types of music to a gig and not kill my back. One day I might jump into the video world but until then I'll stick to the audio.


StephanieMc 3:59 PM - 13 January, 2018
An excellent interview for real! I very much enjoyed it